Shields, Parries and Dodges

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Another funny mod! This time it can be used for battle.

Anyway to use this mod you need a bind for a custom button like Customs, Tossflag or Fire and Fire Normal.

The moves:
Shield - Press your shield button to do block attacks. (Fang will help to demonstrate this, he will never be against shooting Sonic for free)

Parrying - If you time the press of your shield button perfectly you will do a parry!
If you parried a projectile you will reflect it to the nearest enemy.

Grabbing - If you parry an enemy (or a player in battle) you will grab it!
You have a second and a half to throw them somewhere.

And the most awesome of them all!
Dodging - Hold spin, move and press shield and you will dodge from an enemy attack (Can only do once in the air this way)

But... If you instead go in the opposite direction of your momentum you will be able to do all kinds of weird stuff! For example:
Single dodge-jump:

Double dodge-jump:


(Not gonna tell how you do it, i want you to figure it out yourself)
Also theres a command to change your keybinds.
spd_shieldbutton <button> - Change your shield button. (Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Toss flag, Fire, Fire normal, None)

With this mod on players will be flying across the levels!
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Latest reviews

Cool and helpful but parrieing when running cuts the momentum
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I just have one question, when i try putting in the command it doesnt work is there a way to fix it?
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I really used this for style points on parrying. But it's and e p i c addon!
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I Really Jumpscared now Thanks For what just happened lmao
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Interesting little script, it can be incredibly useful for combat-centric characters. I only have two issues with this, really.
The dodge seems to sometimes trigger on it's own and I don't know why. I know you're meant to hold down spin, a direction and then the shield button (which is extremely uncomfortable to have to press three buttons at once to dodge) but I swear sometimes I dodge for simply pressing shield.
The parry grab also should let you throw earlier by pressing shield again, and throwing badniks should damage other badniks too...
That aside, pretty good all around. Welcome Aboard!
Dodging has 2 methods of inputing. Spin + Dir. + Shield or Inputting the opposite direction of momentum and pressing shield.
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