RingSlinger NEO

[Open Assets] RingSlinger NEO v3

Bug fixes
  • Fixed the HUD in splitscreen mode
  • Fixed an issue causing Seeker Rings to continue playing their ambient sound effect after death
  • Enabled afterimages for Quick Reload as intended
  • Fixed an issue causing some visual effects to be applied incorrectly while spectating another player with F12
  • Fixed an issue causing rocket jump force to not be applied in some uncommon situations
  • Fixed an issue causing Pierce hits to not cause the standard hit sound effects and screenshake
  • Fixed an issue causing Pierce hits to not remove both layers of Force Shield
  • Fixed an issue causing ammo rings to never respawn

Overall gameplay changes
  • Reduced offhand ammo cost multiplier (150% -> 133%)
  • Previously, offhand weapons were not used very often. Players should have more freedom to use both of their weapons.

New weapons
  • Flame Ring: A short range, high ammo cost weapon. Point it downwards to hover!
  • Burst Ring: Fires 5 small rings in a rapid fire burst, which are affected by gravity.
  • Infinity Ring: Land a hit with this otherwise weak weapon, and you'll gain the Infinity powerup, which reduces the ammo cost of all weapons to 0 for a short time.
  • Stone Ring: An expensive, slow firing weapon. Toss a huge rock that explodes into smaller debris. Great for area denial, but the projectile is affected by gravity.
  • Flash Ring: The most expensive, slowest firing weapon. Instantly create an explosion at medium range! This is one of the most experimental weapons in v3, so it might see big changes later down the line.
Weapon changes
Accel Ring​
  • This ring was just too weak, so it's been reworked to be a strong spread weapon.
  • Increased cooldown (16 -> 17)
  • Decreased scale (1.0x -> 0.75x)
  • Added 6 additional projectiles per shot, in a horizontal spread
Automatic Ring​
  • While Automatic Ring's strength is its ability to spam lots of projectiles in a general area, the high projectile speed made the weapon too well-rounded.
  • Reduced projectile speed (70 -> 65)
Bounce Ring​
  • Increasing the Bounce Ring's projectile ring should allow it to be more useful in outdoor situations.
  • Increased projectile speed (45 -> 55)
Explosion Ring​
  • A slight buff to keep this ring interesting in the world of new powerful explosive weapons.
  • Reduced cooldown (32 -> 31)
Scatter Ring​
  • Scatter has been strong since the beginning of NEO, but it's a bit too easy to use at the moment despite recent nerfs. Smaller hitboxes and spread should make aim more important while the ammo cost buff should hopefully keep this weapon relevant.
  • Projectile longer grows in size while traveling
  • Reduced spread (20 degrees -> 14 degrees)
  • Reduced cost (6 -> 5)
Seeker Ring​
  • A slight buff to set this ring apart from other explosive weapons. The low cost should make Seekers feel like the proper "lightweight" explosive weapon.
  • Reduced cost (6 -> 5)
Splash Ring​
  • The lingering explosion was the main draw of this weapon, however it was too easy to simply dodge it or run through the center. Cost and delay have also been adjusted to distinguish this ring from other explosive weapons.
  • Added more bubbles to the explosion
  • Reduced cost: (7 -> 6)
  • Increased delay (20 -> 22)

Character changes

  • Stone fits Knuckles's personality a lot better than grenade, but still fits his identity as an area of effect attacker.
  • Changed loadout (Explosion/Grenade -> Explosion/Stone)
Metal Knuckles​
  • There were simply too many Scatter users in the current roster, so Flash was added to make MK the king of explosions.
  • Changed loadout (Explosion/Scatter -> Explosion/Flash)
  • Her old loadout was simply a placeholder - Blaze was always intended to have the Flame Ring as her primary weapon. During development of v3, the Infinity Ring was found to be an interesting partner for Flame it since it fixes the weapon's heavy ammo consumption. Blaze ends up with a loadout that doesn't deal with ranged opponents well at all, but her incredible mobility makes up for it.
  • Changed loadout (Automatic/Scatter -> Flame/Infinity)
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to begin reloading while already reloading
  • Fixed an issue where Normal Rings were labelled as "Splash Ring" in the killfeed
  • Fixed an issue where Splash Ring shockwaves were not labelled in the killfeed
  • Fixed an issue where players could fire rings while riding a zoom tube

Weapon changes
  • All explosive weapons
    • Added new explosion visual effects which should be less laggy in netgames and more accurately show the range of the hitbox
  • Accel Ring
    • Now fires three rings at once in a straight line
    • Reduced projectile speed (22 -> 12)
    • Increased cooldown (12 -> 16)
    • Reduced scale (1.2x -> 1.0x)
  • Grenade Ring
    • Reduced explosion radius (192 -> 150)
    • Reduced fuse (72 -> 40)
    • Increased delay (18 -> 20)
  • Scatter Ring
    • Removed knockback bonus
    • Increased cooldown (20 -> 22)
    • Reduced projectile speed (72 -> 68)
  • Rail Ring
    • Removed knockback bonus
  • Seeker Ring
    • Reworked and improved the tracking system
Character changes
  • Auto-generated characters
    • Increased ammo capacity (35 -> 45)
  • Tails
    • Reduced ammo capacity (50 -> 45)
  • Amy
    • Changed loadout (Automatic, Bounce -> Automatic, Splash)
  • Espio
    • Changed loadout (Accel, Automatic -> Accel, Grenade)
  • Tails Doll
    • Being in the barrier state now puts weapons on cooldown for a short period
    • Reduced ammo capacity (40 -> 30)
  • Shadow
    • Reduced ammo capacity (40 -> 35)
  • Blaze
    • Reduced ammo capacity (50 -> 45)
- New weapons
- Rebalanced weapons
- Rebalanced ammo system
- QOL improvements

Bug fixes
- Fixed an issue that caused silver rings to be affected by magnetic shields

- Weapon Next and Weapon Prev buttons now both act as a weapon toggle button
- Fire Normal button now acts as a manual reload button instead of a weapon toggle button

General game mechanics
- Players may now manually reload (see above)
- Increased reload cooldown (2s -> 3s)
- Reduced mercy invincibility after taking a hit (3s -> 2s)
- Very long weapon delay amounts can no longer be reduced by getting hurt

Visual clarity
- Powerup afterimages are now invisible to the user unless they are using third person mode
- Added a new, more clear ammo display, including an ammo bar in addition to the ammo number

- While reloading, collecting or running out of Quick Reload will affect the remainder of the reload

Weapons (Fire cooldown and cost is shown below for main slot only. Offhand values will be worse, as usual.)
New weapons
- Splash Ring
- Accel Ring
- Normal Ring
- Increased cost (2 -> 4)
- Increased cooldown (16 -> 20)
- Increased cost (3 -> 6)
- Increased cooldown (12 -> 18)
- Increased cost (4 -> 5)
- Increased projectile speed (60 -> 65)
- Increased cost (5 -> 6)
- Increased cost (5 -> 7)
- Knockback bonus is now distance-based, like Scatter
- Now explodes on death
- Increased cost (4 -> 6)
- Increased delay (7 -> 25)
- Increased projectile speed (30 -> 35)
- Improved vertical tracking
- Reduced scale (1.33x -> 1.2x)

- Increased ammo capacity for all characters by 10, with some exceptions mentioned below

Character loaddouts (base cast)
- Increased ammo capacity (35 -> 40) (would have been 45 with the universal buff)
- Increased ammo capacity (45 -> 50) (would have been 55 with the universal buff)

Character loadouts (addon characters)
- Changed loadout (Grenade, Automatic -> Accel, Automatic)
- Changed loadout (Explosion, Rail -> Splash, Rail)
- Being in the tail swipe state now puts weapons on cooldown for a short period
- Did not change ammo capacity (would have been 40 with the universal buff)
- Increased ammo capacity (35 -> 40) (would have been 45 with the universal buff)
- Changed loadout (Scatter, Rail -> Scatter, Accel)
- No longer supported due to balance concerns with grabbing players and a HUD bug that affects all characters
removed a bruh moment line of code that randomized loadouts
(Fire cooldown and cost is shown below for main slot only. Offhand values will be worse, as usual.)

- Increased duration of all powerups (20 seconds -> 25 seconds)
- Added a sound effect when a powerup runs out of time

- Increased fire cooldown (9 -> 12)
- Increased cost (3 -> 4)

- Reduced fuse (3 seconds -> 2 seconds)
- Increased fire cooldown (9 -> 12)
- Increased scale (1.33x -> 1.5x)
- Reduced travel speed (55 -> 45)

- Increased hitbox size (12 radius, 24 height -> 16 radius, 32 height)

- Reduced fuse (3 seconds -> 2 seconds)
- Reduced scale (1.5x -> 1.33x)

Added proper loadouts for some popular custom characters
- Metal Knuckles (30 ammo, Explosion/Scatter)
- Tails Doll (30 ammo, Seeker/Bounce)
- Espio (30 ammo, Grenade/Automatic)
- Shadow (35 ammo, Scatter/Rail)
- Blaze (35 ammo, Automatic/Scatter)
- Marine (30 ammo, Explosion/Rail)
- Silver (20 ammo, Seeker/Grenade)