RingSlinger NEO

[Open Assets] RingSlinger NEO v3

This is a massive improvment over the 2.2 ringslinger, I had even way more fun that I had with Battle! The fact that each character has its own loadout, combined with the balance changes to the weapons (I was so tired of being railled from the other side of the map), how each custom character also has its own loadout, and all the other changes, this is all I ever wished for ringslinger, im having a blast with this, thank you, great revamp.
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is this a damn leak for 2.3 ringslinger? of course it isn't, but honestly if you slapped 2.3's gameplay onto this i would totally believe you
this makes every character feel all the more unique while not dropping the fundamentals of ringslinger
and the custom weapons?
EASY ENOUGH TO THE POINT WHERE I CAN DO IT (granted all i have to do is the LUA itself not the sprites or the objects themselves)
i cannot see how this is worse than ringslinger in any way, a huge improvement in all regards
the only problem is fang still doesn't have auto-targeting on enemies with his corks
5/5 in terms of gameplay
5/5 in terms of everything else
ladies and gentlemen we have the definitive way to play ringslinger
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Awesome Krabs Addons Reminds me of Metroid Prime but in future mode a new game begins
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Me and my friends had a BLAST playing this! Especially with addons, it makes it much more fun. I like how you added support, no matter what the addon is. I'd recommend this to anybody, that has friends that play srb2 with them.
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Welcome to releases!
Haven't really played this a whole lot yet, but it already looks to be a massive improvement over the vanilla gametype.
You might want to fix the HUD breaking in splitscreen though, seeing as this is a multiplayer mode after all.
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