Retro Racers Pack

Retro Racers Pack 3.0

Hello everybody, here's a new track for Retro Racers Pack:

Kitchen Kerfuffle:


Race on a table located in a kitchen in this new track inspired by Micro Machines. Look out for the many obstacles on this track.
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Hello everybody!

V2.0 is here with a new name and a new map! And also a few fixes...

New Content:

- A few fixes for Needy Madness
- A whole new map: Four Leaf Cleaver. An Hotwheels inspired race map which is sure to bring nostalgia and tons of chaos.

Ok, thanks to Triblue, Diggle and Mizu, I've fixed a whole lot of unwanted shortcuts.


- A whole lot of unwanted shortcuts fixed.
Just did a quick fix on that map.


-Removed two possible unwanted map-breaking shortcuts. Thanks to Triblue for finding these.