resort island zone

resort island zone V4

It's, ok and cool, i like resort island but also what are those models btw?
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It's an okay interation of Resort Island for SRB2, but it's really lacking some things like:
- Level Select Picture
- Background that isn't Greenflower Zone's background
- No Pyramid House in the beginning :((((((
im working on background houses etc and sky now! ( i just need to find out how to make custom skies )
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this level was very fun to route for some characters. still unbalanced, favoring metal by a long shot but at least he has to work a little bit for the victory.

the checkpoints are really strict, you have some wack death barriers that i assume are mistakes that you left in, the skybox is a little wack, and the level is really flat - just about every island is the same floor height as the mainland, and the mainland's floor height never changes

i've never played sonic r so i can't tell you what's missing but apparently there are a few things you should add. who knows, maybe adding those will help out the balance some
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I suppose its a passible iteration of Resort Island, but there are some issues with it. Its odd playing this map and having some parts of it just gone, I dont understand why going under a bridge is lethal, and worst of all, the checkpoints are incredibly strict compared to how wide and lax they'd have to be to match the real Resort Island's freedom. If you're not directly on the path to tag a checkpoint just because you would take the same cuts you would expect to use, then you basically lose the race. I can't expect every version of Resort Island to be like Sharb's kart version, but the checkpoints really kill the fun of this one.
i would also love to have no check points, but as srb2 works, that is sadly not possible in race mode ( well if there is a way to do it could you describ it in discussion.
i will fix the bridge thing as the original thing was to kill you when you go in the water and i forgot about under the bridges
ill update it soon
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This level is pretty fun to route but there is still some issues

-some checkpoints still require to touch them to make the checkpoints valid like that one

and another checkpoint

-there also seem to have a few missing textures

but overall this is a very good level but it can be annoying from times to times because of those issues sorry if i sorta sound rude.
oh, lmao i forgot about that ill fix it straight away!
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