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Regina - A Lopunny Biker for SRB2K

Two new racers for the pack! Featuring Necrozma from Pokémon and Mordar from various games made by BetaDwarf!

Your favourite sun/moon devouring horror beyond comprehension from Ultra Space can now be challenged to a friendly kart race!

Necrozma Preview.gif

Speed 9 Weight 9

Voice Lines belong to The Master from FORCED Showdown. Original CTR Kart template made by Plom510.

Nobody quite knows what the deal with this ancient undead lich is. He's undeniably evil, but he's also been known to be quite insane, so why he's decided to get behind the steering wheel is anyone's guess.

Mordar Preview.gif

Speed 3 Weight 8

They're also included in the updated Individual Characters pack, incase you only want a couple of these. Have fun!
Howdy! I decided I'd finally release a few more of my characters. Hope you enjoy them!

Available individually, or packaged with Regina as part of the FuntyPack!

As with Regina, racer art was done via commission and has been approved for release.

I might polish up a few others I have and release them in the future. We'll see.


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