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Welcome! This is my character pack, it mostly includes original characters of myself, or ones I made for friends, but there's also game characters.
Of course, I also provide individual downloads, since I can easily imagine someone would want the Turret, but not care about the original characters.

-Aperture Science Sentry Turret-
"Hello friend."

"The Aperture brand turret is the only home security system on the market that will protect what matters most to you and win you prize money in kart races! It practically pays for itself!"

The most adorable weapons platform in gaming, now as a racer in SRB2Kart! It sports a speed of 1 and a weight of 2, giving it great handling and acceleration, but very bad top speed, a nod to their stationary nature in the Portal games.

-Harriet Honeyhive-
"I've got a bomb with your name on it!"

Harriet is a cartoon villain in the most literal sense! A pathetic wimpy minion-tier baddie with a taste for anything explosive, she is ready to reduce the racetrack to ashes... or rather, fail trying. But oh, will she try.

Harriet has a middling speed of 4, as she isn't particularly good at anything and a weight of 1, because she's extremely easy to push around and defeat.

If you wish to know more about her, go here:

She is voiced by Michelle Sellers.
You can find her here: https://linktr.ee/BowtieKitty
-Ignatius Von Corvid-
"Make way for your king!"
A large individual with ambitions of ruling as king and a powerful magical gem at his disposal. With his girth, he is ready to rule the raceway!


Crow can react fast, but isn't particularly physically quick, so he has a speed of 3. He is however quite hefty, so he sports a weight of 8, making him very hard to push around.

Crow belongs to my friend, who also voices him.
You can find him here: https://twitter.com/GregorArnott/
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