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Pure's OC Pack [ V5.1 ]

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Hi, here's my character pack! It's got 7 characters, and maybe some of them might interest you?

char screen.png

With OCs ranging from really small to really tall, hopefully some of these characters might get your attention!


Alice is always pretty tired, but she's still here to race. Comfy middle stats make her pretty easy to handle. (Credits go to ShihoAJoke for the kart template:


Ciala is the less tired of the two witches. Similarly in the middle of stats, she has higher speed than Alice.


Angelina is always pretty happy to be here! She's fairly slow and incredibly light, so take advantage of that maneuverability she has!


Devillda is similarly happy, but she's here to win! Her drastically higher speed than her angel counterpart gives her plenty of opportunities to get back into the race!


Lumina is pretty middle of the road, like the two witches. Her somewhat high weight might come in handy for controlling space. (Credits go to mit for the pipe frame template:


Pellin is similar to Lumina, just with a bit more weight to control space just that much more.


Finally... Lucidiva. She's so big that she can't even fit in the character select portraits! The max weight is a given, but... She's 9 speed only because the faster she finishes, the less time she has to be crammed into this small kart. Try not to disappoint her!

A small disclaimer regarding Lucidiva, though... Since her WANT and RANK go outside the standard hud, they do get overlapped by other hud elements. It's still absolutely functional, though.
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