Port Forwarding via Windows Explorer

Port Forwarding via Windows Explorer

DISCLAIMER: This method is not guaranteed to work on every router. Consider it an alternative to this guide.

Hey kiddies.

Are you confused about port forwarding?
Can you not get access to your router's wifi page?
Did your router, for some reason or another, remove the port forward dialog?

If you say "Yes" to all of the above, here's an easier solution that doesn't require you to open another tab.

STEP 1: Turning on Network Discovery
(If you know it's already on, then you can skip this step)
Start by opening Windows Explorer and right-click "Network" and click "Properties"

From there, click on "Change advanced sharing settings"

and make sure that "Turn on network discovery" is checked

STEP 2: Finding out what your Local IP is
(If you already know what your local ip is then you can skip this)
Start by opening cmd prompt

Whilst inside cmd prompt, type ipconfig and hit enter.
Your IP address will be here, keep that number in mind (write it down if you have to)

STEP 3: Time to actually port forward now lmao

Go back to Windows Explorer and Click "Network". Your router should be there under "Network Infrastructure".
Right click it and go to "Properties"

A window should pop up, it should look like this:

If it doesn't, then you should restart or update your computer or something, if it still isn't there then, I don't know what to tell ya :^(.

Anyways, go ahead and click on Settings, then click Add.....

Then go ahead and put stuff in.
Description of service can be whatever.
The text box under that must contain that number (your local IP address) said earlier.
External and Internal port should both be 5029.
And UDP must be checked in.

If everything is put in correctly, then click "OK" to close yourself out of all these windows.

Afterwards, start up a server and use this site to check if your server is reachable.

If it's in the green, then you are good and ready to host your game!

Just keep in mind that the port you just forwarded may not be permanent, so make sure that every time you host, you keep that site open just to check if everything's good and nice, if it isn't, then repeat all of the above to open your port again.
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I followed all the steps crisp clear and it never worked at all please fix this guide because my computer says changes cannot be saved and its annoying
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would probably work just fine if my router would show up. would like an explanation for why it isn't there, otherwise this is useless and doesn't work.
Upvote 1
It's a good and simple review, and I don't blame it for my own problem, being that I don't see my router in the Network folder, nowhere at all, this prevents me form doing anything
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10/10 guide, i didnt understand the router port forwarding method, this is much easier
Upvote 1
Didnt work dude
Upvote 1
it maked me host for 2 days but uh the next day i try it out and oopsi woopsi it did'nt worked i tryed it next week and stil i try it today its stil it did'nt work its unfair that how i just 2 days also when i add "SRB2" to the thing looks lik router after hmm maybe 6 seconds it disspaier i dont actully now why this happend but it make me feel angry
Upvote 1
I did everything I need but it still does not work because when I check if the server is open, it turns out that it is not because Reason: Resource temporarily unavailable :(
Upvote 5
OMG this also works in mexico, thx now i can play with my friends :)
and this is so simple to do, only 5 mins (take that yt tutorials)
Upvote 1
I can't remember my user and password on it, and it doesn't say "Properties"
You don't need a username and password for this method, and as for the lack of Properties, well, read the fine print:

"If it doesn't, then you should restart or update your computer or something, if it still isn't there then, I don't know what to tell ya :^(."
Upvote 1
Surprisingly actually worked. And it's much easier to do and understand than any other guides for port forwarding I've seen.
Upvote 1