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Hello, its me again!

This time i made one of the most annoying things on the planet Mobius:

Things are simple:
You run into someone.
They are glued to your back.

If you wanna throw them theres a few options: (Check updates for newer controls)

Jump Throw:
This is probably gonna be the most common one you are gonna use.
Hold jump and when the circle is your size you will throw your partner.

Skid throw:
Skid and then press spin. (Usable with characters who can spin)

Partner cancel:
If your partner is against that you are carrying them they can press spin to launch themselfes. (Hint: Use this for trolling)

Extra stuff:
If you go too fast and throw your partner they will not be able to do anything.
But if they press spin and throw themselfes then they will still be able to control their flight.

@Rogerregorroger - For the icon.
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  1. Did this before the release.

    So before it released i messed around with the mod and found a bunch more bugs, so i decided to...

Latest reviews

throwing tails is calming
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wanna know the first thing i did with this mod?

i went to GFZ1 as sonic and tails

i ran toward the bridge and stopped because i didnt jump where the bridge is and tails managed to grab me and started spinning immediately
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Great mod. Throwing tails go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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This is a great mod, I always liked that pointy sonic could grab fluffy tails and wished there was something similar out there. It’s funny to throw others or just help others who are struggling in the stage. My only nitpick is I really wish this was tied to a button press rather than running behind them. I play with friends most of the time and found we always accidentally grab each other.
Well i made it without custom button because some characters use those.

And if you grab someone they can just jump out.
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I love this,is soo funny,thank you so much for creating this
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Mr. Gas_Man does not respect Troling.
But as Frost said, Leonid approves!
(frost it's my favorite classic russia YouTuber)
I know. I watched him
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I love it it's fun when you wanna throw tails around
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Released XD Its Been A While! GG Buggie!
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Hey, this is pretty cool! I like that this mod lets you grab people easily just with speed, that way pretty much any character can do it. Not really sure why the skid throw is locked to spinning characters, that seems a little arbitrary. The lack of control from the thrown player with enough speed similarly seems arbitrary, though it at least allows for trolling with Sonic.
Skid throw is like that because if you just spin you could throw a player unintionally, while just skidding could prevent you from trolling people (auto-brake and slowing down). In the new ver theres also a thing where you should hold back and hold jump to throw mid-air.
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