Pizza Time: Spice Runners!!

[Open Assets] Pizza Time: Spice Runners!! v1.0.2b

Introducing v1.0.2b​

- Fixed mode overrides. (infection doing nothing because fast was accidentally in the code)
- Fixed overtime music constantly resetting on a new lap
- Fixed blackhole pulling spectators
- Fixed deaths not showing at overtime
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Introducing V1.0.2​

-Removed Fast Mode
-Removed Blackhole Mode
-Fixed blackhole going after other pizza faces.

+ Added OverTime. Since there was a bug where the game would not stop when the timer goes off. I decided to fully incorperate it into the game.
+ Overtime; Speed shoes for everyone and faster teleports for pizza faces. And Blackhole is activated for pizza faces.

+ Added a custom scoreboard. Tell me if you have issues with it.

+ Buffed blackhole strength and floorstrength
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Introducing V1.0.1​

+ Tweaked Blackhole Mode
+ Deleted Bull mode and replaced with fast mode
- Fixed Dynamic laps not functioning. (blame nick)
+ Players now automatically go to spectator after being dead too long (finally)
- Possible fix for players not turning into pf after dying naturally
- Fixed a huge code duplication
- Fixed lap animation not going at normal speeds when theres more players (finally)
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Introducing Spice Runners V1​

Hey all, been out on this project for a while, and now I'm back with another update of Pizza Time Jisk Edition...? Wait this isn't jisk edition? That's right, the mode has been renamed to spice runners!.

This isn't really a proper change log but there has been many MANY contributions to this project since the last update so I can't cover them.

Introducting 4 Gamemode Modifiers: Elimination Mode, Bull Mode, Blackhole Mode and Infection.

Again there's way more but im lazy to write

- Fixed up the bar code. Now it doesn't overflow the bar-border when the timelimit is over a certain number.

- Made a possible fix for pizzafaces teleporting to invalid players.

- Elfilin users now have their portals reset when starting a new lap.
- Elfilin users now die when riding a pizza face.

- Every constant is now under a "PTJE" global table instead of the "JISK_" prefixed constants.

- added jisk_screams cvar, this toggles the screams (finally)

- added 5 extra screams (for variation)

- score earned from score times lapcount increased from 1024 to 2500

- score from rings increased

- completely removed the announcements code that fades in at the top
to compensate. i added the lap animation from pizza tower and any lap that goes above 2
uses one of the srb2 fonts.

- you get score on each ring picked up (doesn't include flinging rings)

- rings can now be picked up in a longer range.

- time bar now goes left to right, instead of right to left.

- you can finally do every lap, with the new implementation of lap checking, its way more accurate to the game than it used to be!

- time tally in vanilla intermission replaced with match tally (shows scores instead of time in intermission now)

- fully formed into the customhud library. using it's custom font system for the pizza tower fonts now. the time text now looks bigger to look like the original.

- time format in timelimit hud is now X:XX instead of XX:XX.XX

- the lap chat announcements now include centiseconds

- you can now turn off the pizza face sprites with `jisk_pizzamask off`. with it off, you have the original styled pizzaface visuals from poyo's pizza time and before.

- udmf trigger fixes by unmatchedbracket

- organized the luas.

- added ranks (you can stop crying now pizza tower fanboys.)

more to come in v1.3
it might cover the features that didn't make it this update
hello i'm back with an update. i was demotivated on this (i might still be)
i worked on these changes just today only. I hope you enjoy


  • fixed rare error about valid checking player_t is valid.
  • fixed rare horizontal scale error on the timer bar.
  • fixed common G_TicsToMinutes error, whining about tics not existing.
  • pizza face ignores damage from more things making him even more invincible.
  • players can now do damage to enemies just by moving.
  • added an option to turn lap music off, its client sided (cvar: jisk_nomusic)
  • players in flash frames now protects them from pizzaface
  • you now get score on every object kill depending on your speed (this includes rings)
  • 1st stage of transforming the hud into the customhud library

also watch for the next major update v1.2, stay tuned.
This mod isn't meant for you, if it crashes, I cannot fix it because I do not work on srb2 android

  • Fixed forcelaps not working properly​
  • New cvars (jisk_pizzatpcooldown) and (jisk_pizzatpstuntime), both go by seconds.​
  • Tweaked the pizza teleporting, and made it so it checks if theres any valid players before teleporting, and delists exiting players.​
  • Updated the makepizza command's announcements.​
  • Every announcement display time has been increased: 3 seconds to 5 seconds.​
  • When the dynamic laps are above 15, it now decrements by 2.​
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  • New per player lap system (jisk_maxlaps_perplayer) (jisk_lappingtype)
  • New ability for pizzaface, hold FIRE to teleport to a random player!
  • Time overs don't spam the chat anymore.
  • New announcement system appearing at the top.
  • Multiple pizzafaces can be chosen (jisk_playerschoosing)
  • Added an extra pizzatime triggering system, the when pizza time is triggered in this new system, a random player(s) (depending on jisk_playerschoosing) will be chosen instead of the first to trigger. This may help with players not wanting to be pizzaface and force them to be one.
  • Several unlisted bugs fixed.
  • Tweaked the timer bar so it fills all the way at the start.
  • New font is added and used on the timer bar!
  • New command (doannouncement <text>) (Used for debug purposes)
Enjoy this update as I worked all day on it lol​
Hello guys, new update today! I hope you enjoy this!


  • Added a "It's pizza time" animation going from the bottom of the screen to the top
  • Added a time limit (jisk_timelimit) (IN MINUTES), and a time limit bar with animations!!
  • Added a cvar that toggles death messages (jisk_showdeaths)
  • Added a dynamic lap system! Toggle it with (jisk_dynamiclaps) (OFF BY DEFAULT), 2 Times the player count is given as the laps, and if someone dies in pizza time, the laps go down by 1!.
  • Pizza face now only laughs when unfrozen.
  • Players now get killed instead of instantly going to spectator
  • Unrespawned players now count towards the exiting players! So players cant stall the game when they dont decide to respawn!
  • Players now go invincible when pizza time is started! The invincibility frames are tied to jisk_tpinv (IN SECONDS)
  • Several more bugs fixed (As a result of these new features above)