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[Reusable] Personal default skin color 1

Adds a command "setdefaultskincolor".
Help is provided in-game by calling it without arguments.
It can be used to set a color that one will automatically switch to upon changing to specific skins.
For example, "setdefaultskincolor sonic tails red" will make it so that upon switching to Sonic or Tails, one will automatically become red; entering "setdefaultskincolor -2" while being Metal Sonic will cause one to automatically switch skin color to Peridot (the opposite color of Metal Sonic) upon switching to him; entering "setdefaultskincolor * -1" will unset all default skin colors, as though one had never invoked "setdefaultskincolor" in the first place.

Default skin colors are saved between sessions within the \client\defaultskincolors.dat file. Skins and skin colors are referred to by name there, to avoid mod load order index issues. (If a character's default skin color is from an unloaded mod, a warning will appear in the console.)

Skin colors may get desynched due to my not understanding of how to set a player's skin color from a local file without causing desynchs.
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The mod is well and good for releases, but you should really add GIFs of it working.
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