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Hello! you seem to have stumbled upon a new character mod. I felt like a funny little guy like Peepy would be a hilarious start to my SRB2K modding experience.

For the uninformed, Peepy is a line of collectable plushes from the company itemlabel. Fun Fact: Peepys (Peepies? Peepi?) are criminals, I think Peepy might have stolen someone's character slot right out from under them.

Peepy has a Speed stat of 6 and a Weight stat of 2.

Peepy comes in both 2D sprite and 3D model form, if you're a fan of models in your Kart games.
peepy 2d vs 3d.png

(I even decided to add the tush tag from the plush onto the model!)

If you want to add Peepy's model into your game
To put Peepy's model into the game:
  1. Extract "peepy.md3" and the associated textures and place them into any folder in "mdls"
  2. go into "mdls.bat" with a text editor (I use Notepad++) and type PEEPY [name of folder]/peepy.md3 4.5 0.0
  3. Open the game, load Peepy's WAD and select him, and enter a race. If you see the model, you're all set!

If the sprites look kinda wonky, sorry! This was my first dip into pixel art and making sprites, so some things might not look the cleanest, my apologies.

Regardless, I do hope anyone who comes across this little mod will enjoy it!
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