Open Tricks

[Open Assets] Open Tricks v1.3

  • Modified tricking leniency so that your trick wouldn't get canceled while falling.
  • Replaced Burst with a new version (if you played with Burst Delta in DLC pack 1, this is an improved version of that.)
  • Canonized the Chao trickstyle, removed Quake and the separate DLC Pack 1 file.
  • Changed how the player thinker worked so that it would correctly override the animations of non-Simple AnimaL characters with trick frames.
  • Fixed not being able to ban a style when you only had two options.
  • Wrote a HUD hack for when the server was enforcing one specific trick style.
Open Tricks
  • The trick meter visuals will update accordingly when being chased by an SPB (Previously, it would incorrectly display a sweetspot based on the non-SPB range value, though the actual mechanic worked correctly.)
Open Tricks DLC
  • Quake will no longer print unnecessary console messages.
Open Tricks
  • Added otrx_x and otrx_y as means to control the gameplay UI. Non-zero values will override the logic that Open Tricks uses to determine the x/y position.
  • Added the Item key to the list of inputs that lock your selection when held. In effect, you can't change your trick selection while holding Brake, Drift, or Item.
  • Made otrx_beep use floating point inputs instead.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to creating a list of non-banned styles.
  • Rewrote the code for displaying multiple trick icons.
  • Tucked in the right arrow that shows while selecting styles. It looked at me funny.
Open Tricks DLC
And thus starts my strategy for testing new styles and rebalancing to existing ones. The "Open Tricks DLC" collection will include various experimental and unfinished styles for server hosts and players to look at and provide feedback on. DLC volume 1 includes the following styles:
  • "Quake" (banned by default)
    Sends you lightly towards the ground on a successful trick. Racers within a certain range of you will either bounce upward or be spun out. While this style is oriented towards Battle gameplay, perhaps you could use it creatively in Friendmod...
  • "Chao" (banned by default)
    The Chaos Drives equivalent to a "pistol round". Depending on the presence or absence of Chaos Drives, either generates Chaos Drives or Omochaos on trick, not on landing. Be wary of where you drop your drives, as slower players can gain more drives than you do. Omochaos have no gameplay effect whatsoever, and this style does not grant any trick-based speed boosts. Thank you to @FabulousNinji for the Omochao sprites.
  • "Burst Delta" (allowed by default)
    Burst Delta uses the same storage system as Store and Augment. Performing a Burst without sufficient energy will scale your Burst speed appropriately, and the drift spark rate of all characters is improved. Tricks award you relatively much more charge than the other Acrobatics styles, but you will bleed charge passively, and at an increased rate while drifting. As a result, the previous decay time mechanics have been removed. Bursts will no longer scale with external speed sources. In all, the goal here is to create a foundation for equalizing Burst's effectiveness between players of various skill levels.
Fixed bans/unbans erroneously displaying "Clearly you don't own a keyboard." even if an input was provided.
  • Squashed a bug that would cause boosts to never disappear on BoostLib servers.
  • Reorganized the Chaos Drives-related code.
  • Made Open Trick boosts stack with vanilla boosts.
  • Added smaller splitscreen icons to the existing styles.
  • Changed the command prefix to "otrx_" to hopefully alleviate netid issues.
    • If you're time-traveling and want to try out v1, the prefix there is "otricks_".
  • Added otrx_mul as a server variable determining the relative strength of all Open Trick boosts.
  • Replaced the Augment "wheel" vfx, reduced the length of Augment trails.
  • Made console variables print console messages when modified.
  • Changed the order in which style icons are drawn during selection in order to ensure your current selection is always on top.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when you tried to run a ban/unban/button command without an actual input.
  • Tried to fix some bugs related to landing weirdly.
  • Tried to fix cases of Augment penalizing you too soon after a landing.
  • Added BoostLib and Chaos Drives interop.
Developers, developers, developers
  • Added LUA_OPENTRICKS_BUFF to cover various boost-related utilities, modified the existing tricks to use this system.
  • Replaced the k_startboost buffs with OpenTricks_AutoMiniBoost. AutoMiniBoost currently lacks VFX.
  • Added player.OpenTricks.Meter.blocked. Set this to true to prevent Open Tricks's trick mechanic.
  • Modified the style-adding system to allow developers to specify arbitrary properties with OPENTRICKS_ADD_COMPLEX. I will break this as I develop Open Tricks. Other OPENTRICKS_ADD functions will use OPENTRICKS_ADD_COMPLEX but retain compatibility with external Open Trick addons.
  • Modified the intentionally-do-not-sync-functions code to check for any properties ending with "Hook", instead of the four hooks previously defined.
  • Added OPENTRICKS_ADD_FOURICONS as a way to specify additional icons (icon when actually racing, icon when actually racing with 3/4-way splitscreen)
  • Corrected the gfx offsets for all Open Tricks graphics (previously all 0, 0) and updated LUA_SPLITSCREEN_HATER to try and accommodate icons of arbitrary sizes (previously only 16x16 icons really looked good.)