"OP" Abilities

[Reusable] "OP" Abilities 1.5.1

Sonic Now Have OP abilities!



Its reusable. But my credits
SpinDown: spin mid-air
Power explotion: C1
Super Thok: Jump Mid-air

for the spindown animation is : BNCE
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Latest updates

  1. Yes A DUMB update.

    i fixed things like: like when you roll then jump and a sonic stnd comes out with roll status...
  2. Now Better Sonic Abilities PORTED TO 2.1!


    Now Tails Has MORE abilities! if u not like play with tails (because its slow) this mod is for...

Latest reviews

The abilities are good... to me, thats just it... I have some criticism I want to give you that you could fix maybe. I'm not good at putting things to words without hurting peoples feelings so I'm sorry if I offend you.

Tails was very fun, better than sonic (You'll find out why). The Custom 2 button made no sense... it didn't really feel over powering. While the jump thok is good to have around, you should have gave tails the ability to fly after using it. Because what makes people over powering isn't their abilities, but how they can use it all to go very fast and beating levels with ease. Like with Sonic. He can Hi-thok and quickly stomp down with one jump, thats what I mean. The turbo boost is very good also, it helps him go faster while flying and can take sharp turns with while keeping speed!

No offence, but I feel like Sonic is getting worse. This may just be a lua error, but if it is you should test before updating. When sonic stomps now, explosions don't spawn, homing thok still somehow feels useless to me, and when you do your Hi-thok and attempt to do a homing attack, most of the time you don't even hit the enemies. It's almost like you're not checking on him.
Honestly... I will admit I went too far, the mod is great. But still lacks from the title "Better". For a beginner though this is good, I can't wait for you're future addons (that is if you plan on doing more).

1.4 Update rating
While 2.2 plays the same... did you even port it? The only thing that works is Sonic's double jump. Nothing else.
Look brother, I took away the ability to damage in spin down because it would be very broken and it looks very ugly, 2: I just have to test some characteristics of 2.1, nothing more, if you want tell me if I take it out again with possibility of damage, and if you have problems with my plugins I think it is your srb2 as you always say that some features of my mods fail, just that. ah yes If I make tails fly after doing the ability it will be corrupted, since they will be able to spam it.
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This mod is pretty good for you're first script-only mod. I can tell you are learning. There were a couple of problems I had with this mod:

-Dashmode can kill enemies, but you won't be allowed to use it again unless you reboot the game.

-I can only do the Custom 1 power as super sonic (But seen in the second gif, you can do it as normal sonic).

Even if this is fixed, the mod still lacks. It's not op like sms (which to me is a good thing) but it doesn't live up to the title "Better". I would prefer this than the thok yes, but it's just good for me. Still, great job on the mod!
Thanks Bro !, I only made this addon just to learn how to run lua, but thanks for the criticism!
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it's a functional mod.

...that's about it really, the abilities work, but they aren't super distinct from other mods, nor are they really that deep, fun to mess around with or polished (you can hear the spindash sound effect repeating every frame on the drop roll, for example).
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It's ok for releases, as there's clear effort put into making it, but I always find it to be a real bad sign when someone makes a mod literally called "Better". It's always incredibly subjective, even in this case where "better" means "more powerful" as opposed to "higher quality' or something.

His spin action activates every tick he's airborne, causing the sound to woodpecker. It activates any time you hold spin when airborne at all, meaning you can hold spin and spam jump to shoot the odd projectile spread out at ground level continuously, and if you are rolling when you jump and press spin, Sonic will standing pose as he "rolls" along the ground. The spin ability also wont work at all if you have a shield.

The high double jump is unexciting but works for what it is, and having a screen nuke on custom 1 at the cost of 10 rings is okay I guess. I wouldn't call the mod bad, it shows you're clearly learning Lua, but it doesn't really excite me personally. I will look forward to your future efforts.
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