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Hello, today the OK-Chars are joining Sonic & Friends on a new adventure:

HUGO NEON is a character from the Neon Universe that represents speed

Jump thok: Press jump in mid air to double jump with a horizontal dash

Spindash: Hold spin to release a dash as a ball

Bounce: Press spin in mid air to bounce

Dash mode: Keep running to glow and run even more faster

Max is a small bird that was lost and now founded by Hugo
This character is less faster than Hugo, but his mobility allows him to catch up by finding shortcuts.

Air drill: press jump in the air to jump super high

While using the air drill, quickly descend by holding spin:

Melee: press spin to attack with you wings

Feather throw: Press Custom 1 to throw feathers (don't worry he has enough feather)

Glide: Hold Custom 2 to glide whenever you're in the air in whatever state

Use Max's height as an advantage since he can't spindash

Hugo and Max have the stomp damage:


Hugo and Max also form a duo, but no teamwork appears for the moment. They'll have to get along and know each other more.

  • jaybitts10 for the throwable SOC object and sound of the object.
  • ManBuxz for the custom 1 as the gunslinger ability.
  • Crazier136_(Alex) for the bounce ability.
  • Pikaspoop for fixing the glide ability.
Thank you Pikaspoop for fixing Max's glide ability, I don't really have such skills in coding.

I hope you enjoy my addon and have a GREAT DAY ^-^
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    Here's the list of changes and additional stuff: Max learned double jump and replaced air...

Latest reviews

This is so good. If you're just wanting to play Sonic Robo Blast 2 but you wanna do it in the most radical way possible, you gotta go with Hugo Neon! He's awesome! Like Sonic if he came off the front of a Trapper-keeper. And that's just Hugo, the rest of the characters are a treat as well. The sprite work is great and the moves are slick, what more can I say?
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Recolored Pink Sonic is just your typical Sonic moveset mod that plenty of people made before. At least the bird is a bit more original, but still leaves a lot to desire. Kinda weird that a bird can break walls with their feathers. I'd expect it to be their beak, but no, their feathers.

None are interesting characters, either way. First mod syndrome, it seems. Also man, the sprites... Please, search up pixel art tutorials or something.
Well actually, I did not thought about using Max's beak for the melee attack. I might update his melee sprites I guess.
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man, reminds me of my first mod, so i won't criticize much other than the sprites since i have done the same. hugo neon definitely needs some work, and max looks fine, except he could use original rolling sprites.

good job for a first mod.
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These character, while not perfect, are definitely great in their gameplay. I personally like Max more as he doesn't take the concept of having already existing abilities like Hugo Neon and instead has more original ones, his sprites are fully original which is one thing that I appreciate from him the most unlike Hugo Neon whose sprites were made on top of sonic's and look inconsistent between the standing and waiting sprites. Not to say that I hate Hugo Neon as his character is pretty fun to play as, despite the flaws I've mentioned, both characters are fun and also worth checking out, welcome to releases!
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