this is my best mod! my favorite level is Auburn Heights! thanks for doing this!!!
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Top Notch i enjoyed em all
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a bunch of great levels!
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A Solid 4 Stars, Most Stages Were Great, Some Even Astounding, Poison Temple Z Was... A Little Irritating At Times, And Shiverside Chasm Had No Need To Be Here. Though I Do Gotta Still Like This For All Of The Tips I Was Given On Map Making, Which Has Caused A Spiral Of Different Level Tests, Maybe I'll Make A Better First Impression Next Round Though.
And Again Shiverside Chasm Shouldn't Be Here.
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great way to end a contest from now on as a collab SeventhSentinel you are a better host than Mystic
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Heck yeah,new lavels!
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This Round is awesome. It has well done levels, cool soundtrack for each level. And of course, the creativity of these levels is outstanding.
My favorite levels are:
Speed Highway.
It recreates perfectly the original Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure to SRB2.
Egg TV Network.
It's a level from Sol Sestancia 2. What else can i say!? It's simply majestic, and i would play it again.
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Overall it was a good time! Some of the stages are pretty sweet, while others not so much. Even the weaker stages, for the most part, were fairly playable and provided some decent mix of challenge and freedom.
Some critiques across the board include poor audio volume balance, and some stages seemed to follow no theme. Still, from the hub to the individual stages, the pack was designed with some fun in mind, and it worked!
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50% of the maps is good, 50% of the maps is ok at best. Speed Highway is the highlight, as it's even more innovative in gameplay than the original. Also Egg TV was a nice run, but felt rushed in the other half (where you're in a stadium).
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This was a lot of fun to play! Fantastic theming for all stages, great music, etc. Highly recommend giving this a play, great 40 mins of fun :)
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1/10 It's not 2022 anymore.

Short, but what's there is fun. My favorite levels were Egg TV and obviously Speed Highway. Lost Fortress was really impressive, if not a bit a confusing at times and alot of tiny holes are annoyingly secretly death pits. Poison Temple's water rapids gave me traumatic flashbacks to the original Egg Rock zone.

Shame Shiverside Chasm didn't have the time to bake in the oven. Maybe don't make it a final hidden secret, though, as that just unnecessarily hyped it up.
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This Oldc Was Great! But Here Are the levels and rating of it
Egg TV: wow a studiopolis like thing but anything noticed about Pink Bear :D (Rate: 10/10)
Speed Highway: Well. I Started A Lag in Level Start but its Like Sonic Adventure im always good (Rate: 10/10)
Shiverside Chasm: welp Short (Rate: 3/10)
I Like this Level Pack Of Oldc Since 2022 was over I Gave this Level Pack A 10/10! I Loved it
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Although I can't play Speed Highway, since it's another one of those high-quality maps that doesn't cater to low-end PCs, this is another great map pack! I'm also glad the voting system is gone so that's more of a collaborative effort made out of love and not to see who gets the biggest bragging right privileges. I love the medieval themed hub world this time around!

This OLDC may be shorter than the previous rounds, but it makes up for it by having more higher quality maps instead, say, except for Seaside Coast Zone and Shiverside Chasm Zone. Seems like another one of those beginner maps, which is why I have to dock it two stars. Always at least one of them makes it into the OLDC. Worked hard grinding the chaos emeralds, only to get a secret level that can be completed in 15 seconds.

Overall, pretty awesome OLDC! It's especially fun with modded characters + character randomizer.
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this oldc mod is great! i give it 10/10!
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This is an outstanding rating, the maps and voting ui everything is great! You really outstanded yourself.
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