Official Level Design Collab 2022: Round 2

Official Level Design Collab 2022: Round 2 1.1


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Official Level Design Collab 2022: Round 2 - No longer a contest, but as fun a pack as ever!


Welcome to Round 2 of the 2022 SRB2 Official Level Design Collab. That's right, the OLDC is transitioning from a contest pitting mappers against each other to a collaborative celebration of all the talented map creators in our community.

Yes, we know it's weird to start on Round 2. Don't worry about it.


You download the collab's...

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Ace Dragon

A collab now, does that mean the rules change a little as to what players can submit (ie. souped up versions of maps they released years ago)? I believe Othius allowed this with ULDC, but I am not sure how similar it is to how OLDC will work going forward.


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Changes to OLDC rules are pending. We'll have to get back to you on that, sorry.


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Does this mean that the OLDC winner icons and roles will be removed in the future or will there be other types of contests in the future?


issues i've found so far:

Solo Sonic can get softlocked if he enters the Amy route in Seaside Soast, not a big issue since the level is only 1 minute long but, still notable.

Also in Seaside Coast, if you take the emerald ontop of the lance-a-bot statue, and retry the level, you'll keep the emerald you picked up, and the next emerald in order will appear, you can do this to get all 7 emeralds right away.

In Lost Fortress act 1, there's a deathloop on one of the checkpoints, the fourth one (i think), you're supposed to press a button for the door to open, but its closed when you respawn, and you spawn right under it making you get crushed.


The level text on the level portals acts very weirdly when in first person.


Will update this if I find anything else, otherwise, I'd say this is the best OLDC from what I've played so far, good job everyone!


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I believe watching people play your levels blind is much better guidance than reading text reviews, so I recorded my first impressions. You'll have to excuse my mic quality, though. The video is separated by chapters so you can just watch the part you're interested in and dip (I give some advice sometimes but it's mostly me malding), although I do have summarized thoughts on every level at the end.

Overall a pretty okay OLDC, being the shortest one yet does make a big difference but it managed to be very enjoyable. I have my own feelings about the contest to collab change, but I know it'll only impact the pack positively moving forward.


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Well, this sure is always fun to play, most of those levels are very creative, except one level designed by Roger.... you know... the dude who made Sonic in minutes thing..., well his stage is always a laugh to play but.......... he did a "thing" again.... and reminded me why i unsubscribed to his channel. Now i regret about playing his levels. :C


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Personal problems with someone? Okay, but keep them off the MB. Unless you think they're big enough a deal that others need to know. But then you contact staff about it, don't harass them on random threads.
oh, sorry I ruined your buzz.
What did I do?
I already explained in Youtube in one of your vids. Sorry if i make irrelevant comments like this but its just how i feel about it. This doesnt mean i hate you or stopping you in your content, of course not. Its your stuffs but i feel uneasy to see something that awaken my dark past over and over again and tormenting my soul. Hope you understand man...


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The level text on the level portals acts very weirdly when in first person.

And who are maked this #@?!?
Almost every second addon srb2 has this text.
And What it's works?
Looks Like what this (bug) add text on my hud.
And so I don’t know how it actually works, but I’m glad that only at the level hub there is this text.


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What IS that hub world music? It sounds very CrossCodey, but I really can't put my finger on what it is...

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