NordChars(WIP) CL_Zeno_V1_R

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Random Tails Recolors!!1!
no but seriously ive overworked myself on these to the point where my mind is mush
there is only 1 for now, ill add them all back later.
Sapphire Tails
Kirb the Korb
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Latest updates

  1. Restart

    out of ideas, no sprites birthday in 13 days -~- guess i failed. . .
  2. Youkoo now plays more like Tails Adventure.

    gave him bombs, and he can now fly.
  3. Why can't i move?(bugfix)

    Fixed Jett softlocking players!

Latest reviews

Zeno Only... Birthday In 13 Days... Wait. ITS ALMOST BIRTHDAY???? I Review NordChars So Much! Uukoo You add all back? Nice! I Gave 10/10 (Azure is My Favorite because is good)
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i have played the NordChars and find them to be fun to mess around with, one things to note is that jet's info is a bit too vague, but other than that it pretty good
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Its good but the latest versions of Jett don't even have the drone, is it mapped to a button? The css descriptions don't point any moves out apart from Azure and Youkoo.
Other than that, they're fun to mess around with.
this is a BUG!
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It's cool that this is still getting updates and more things! :)
But.... why did you remove Drippy?
workin' on his sprites
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I've been playing this mod since 1.1 its cool how its been evolving
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What can I say to this mod, I like character azure, yea that's right. And then Old name NordChars, now the name is NordsFennics. I rate the mod 5 in 5
NordVPN i hope you happy.
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as hypocritical as it may seem, i am extremely confused as to why this mod was released in an extremely unfinished state. like, sure, i'd understand if it was a fully completed mod that doesn't have any sprites, that makes enough sense to be understandable...but this is very blatantly unfinished and is being updated over time. i don't *really* understand the angle here, but whatever.

drippy is quite a clunkily organised character for what seems to be no reason? i think it'd work perfectly fine if the custom1 ability in thrust mode was mapped to jump, as opposed to leaving nothing there. i did actually warm up to the different modes a little bit, but it feels like they're setting more disadvantages than advantages for players, which i think is a little frustrating to deal with. i feel like the player should have a reason to stay with either one, but equally as much reason to switch back and forth. this mod tries to do both, but it really executes neither.

i don't really have much to say about azure, other than the fact that holidng custom2 is literally the win button. i don't think that's intended, but either way i think it's funny.

stealth literally isn't even a character i can't comment on them

overall...i think the mod should've had more time in the oven behind closed doors. sure, public feedback is always a good thing, but in this mod's case it should really have been completed to some extent before releasing.
noooo he figured out how to turn Azure into a Beyblade!
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You know, this is pretty nice, i'm pretty much wishing you luck on that.
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This mod is amazing it have some cool Abilities
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deppressed + fennec + tails hight + hydrokenisis + YELLOW shoes = kitsunami

Aggressive + fennec + tails hight + hydrokenisis + YELLOW shoes = drippy

the effect are great buy the moveset is something else
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