Neon's Model Pack

Neon's Model Pack v4.1

Sunky 2.2 had renamed Sunky's kicking animation, so i had to fix that, but there's nothing else here.

also the april fools thing is gone, and that youtube upload... not sure if it's gonna happen, unless people want it.

looking at these models kinda made me remember how much passion i had for them, kinda sad to see them die off like this but, maybe i'll finish cacee one day, who knows
thanks to a certain mr its possible to make models out of objects, which means they ca be made in luas and pk3s which means you dont have to listen to my ramble in the readme to get it working

the old stuff is still there but like why would you do that
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So apparently king can ride on a boat, I don't think these meshes are gonna be that sustainable with just how ambitous king wants to get with it, but I'll try to keep this going, also I don't exactly plan on making separate models for all 5 hedgebois but at least they'll not look broken while using the same one I suppose.
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Well... its a patch to Sunky and King, both respective addons should have their newer sprites properly animated.

Sorry it took so long, I have no reason to tell for this aside from me being lazy



Also PVPal is gone from these gifs, i was worried about additive blending being broken since the way i'm thinking if you gave it a dark color it was darker and purple isnt as dark so yeah.
King's been updated so you can use NiGHTS without uncontrollably having the word "bruh" escape from your lips.

enjoy some footage of NiGHTS, now that it's representative of what you actually get.


Btw this isnt a signal to redownload the model pack i didnt change that
I've contacted the creator of King so that his rotation should work in NiGHTS when he gets an update, it's just that he isnt trying to rush a quick fix out the door right now, rather putting it next to a bigger update down the line.

Though it's only a minor problem so I feel comfortable releasing it in this state anyway.
Either way, new screenshot. I'll update the overview and things soon.