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Hey everyone! I play SRB2Kart with my friends pretty regularly, and decided to make a mod of my own character! I've been playing it personally for a while, but I figured I'd go ahead and release it publicly too, along with this new art I made for the occasion.

If you've never heard of them, Neon is a character from my upcoming solo-developed action platformer: Advent NEON! (You can try it out for yourself from that link!) As of this post, it's also got a Kickstarter coming around the time SAGExpo 2021 starts, so be on the lookout for it if you're enjoying the character here!

This mod comes with "two" characters, so let's get into it!

BASE NEON (5/5) (Download either KC_NEON.wad or KC_NEONPACK.pk3)
Custom Color: Kart & Clothing (Default shown)


Regular Neon comes in with stats perfectly in the middle! They won't control as easily as someone like Tails, but they also won't get bumped around too easily, either! Should be fairly suitable for anyone to play.

MAX NEON / NEON 100% (10/10) (Download KC_NEON100.wad or KC_NEONPACK.pk3)
Custom Colors: Kart, Body (Default shown)



As their name suggests, MAX Neon, well, maxes out their power! As such, their stats shoot up to the highest possible, at 10 speed/10 weight. Neon isn't physically heavy by any means, but they've more than enough power and speed to blow you away in this form!

In Advent NEON, this form is achieved when Neon harnesses enough Resonance energy, and is maintained as long as you remain active and don't get hit, rewarding you with lots of damage and speed. MAX Neon's wipeout is a reference to losing Resonance, but they immediately gain that power back afterwards here, rather than having to work for the form again.

MAX Neon shares similar stats with characters like Metal Sonic and Omega, so you'll be able to decimate races with them, but only if you've got the skills to fully utilize their power!

That's all! Hope you guys enjoy this mod as much as I did making it. And def check out Advent NEON's demo or Twitter if you want to see more Neon content from me! Keep up the amazing work Kart Krew!
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