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[Open Assets] NaluigiHorns - a script that adds even more noise 2021-03-04

Here's an addon to HORNMOD, which adds even more horns to torture people with! This includes some horns I thought up of myself, as well as some horns requested by others. And you get not 10, but a whopping 20 more horns to mess with!

These horns include the likes of:
1-Up - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
WAA - Waluigi
Bummer - Chip's Challenge
Ed, Edd n' Eddy Horn (requested by someone I don't remember)
SOI SOI SOI - Microsoft Sam
Self Propelled Bomb Noise (I'm truly evil for making this one)
I NEED YOUR HELP! - Persona 3 (requested by jiazji)
1-Up (SiIvaGunner Edition) - Sonic Mania (requested by FAVman33)
BOOM - Sr. Pelo
Pootis - Team Fortress 2 (requested by FAVman33)
Coin Sound - Luigi's Mansion (requested by FAVman33)
Enter Door - Super Mario Bros. 2 (requested by FAVman33)
Hoo Hoo - m a y o
D W O N K - Rhythm Heaven Fever
Power Up - Super Mario Bros.
NO - Dr. Robotnik
Shield Break - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Normal Talk Sound - Pixelcraftian
Eekum Bokum - Banjo-Kazooie
hamburger - Sonic says hamburger

(I would've put that in a quote or a spoiler but I have no idea how)

Have fun being obnoxious, and be sure to load HORNMOD before loading this in!
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