More Blue Balls!

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Are you tired of the default special stages?!

Do your friends finish the levels very fast?!

Do you want to suffer even more on the seventh special stage?!

Well look no further!!

Introducing More Blue Balls!!

This Addon adds some (a lot) of blue balls to the multiplayer special stages


All of the stages were tested by me and all of them are possible to clear(kinda really difficult to actually get a perfect if you are playing alone)

I still recommend that you play it with friends, it's much more fun!!

I made this addon in like 4 hours? And originally was an idea for my server, but now you guys can enjoy it too!
Let me know if it has any bugs!
I appreciate any feedback as this is my first addon i actually upload (I have made others but they are kinda made only for one purpose)
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Latest updates

  1. Harder SPEC7

    Actually made harder the Seventh Special Stage

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Finally, the 2.0 special stages are playable (too bad, I don't have any friends)
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why must you do this to me
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