MobyKarters Pack

MobyKarters Pack 2.0 Electric Boogaloo

An update to celebrate the message boards being back up!

Wallace has some new shading to him on top of AA
L Corp Nugget got some AA to the hair

Additions/New Characters:
Cheeze Racer, yes its spelled with a z.
Jawz, (BRRRRRT).
Hero, from the game with that ending.

group: Project Moon group: Drawn to Life
As the title says, this is now a character pack! (and I didn't put any characters from the checklist at all :oh:)
Two new characters have been added: The Agent from Lobotomy Corporation (We are going to call them nuggets from now on), and a Mountain.
Wallace has now been reshaded and has a new filename format to fit the other characters in this pack, I havent changed the GIFs at the time of writing but the outlines on the arms and skin should have higher contrast and have slightly more noticeable contrasts in the shading.

Roland and Milk Cookie were going to be the next two but they are in voiceline hell (and in Roland's case, hitting a roadblock in making a signpost that was satisfactory too). If you are wondering why its v1.1 its because I forgot to get a gloat for the mountain.