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Mizu Pack V5.11: New Maps! (Chroma Backrooms & Spring Casino) V5.11

Made some changes to Spring Casino to improve its visuals and reduce the visual clutter
A small Hotfix update that fixes the issue of Chroma Backrooms overwriting Daytona Hell's song and fixing the config to make sure the song plays on Chroma Backrooms
After another 10,000 years, I release an update of my map pack! This introduces two new maps: Spring Casino and Chroma Backrooms. There's also an update towards Frozen Garden to better the performance and a few layout changes


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a minor update for my most recent map, Frozen Garden.

-Added proper thok barriers around the map to lower the lag
-Raised the death planes above the snow around the tree spiral
Updating from 3.2a to 4.0

-Released a new map (Frozen Garden)
With the feedback given for my map, Starlight Station has gotten some layout changes and minor visual work!
After a long while, I've finally updated Starlight Station to a much better layout and a much higher quality in visuals!

-Starlight Station got a major visual and layout overhaul
-Aerial Battlegrounds is now in Hell rotation and now MAPER
Fixed a minor issue on Starlight Station and removed an unintentional item set in the 2nd cut.