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[Reusable] Minimap

If you've ever played Doom, or typed "devmode" in the console while playing SRB2, you know there is a way to display the map of the level. This script allows you to skip the middleman and have a permanent minimap at the top right of your screen telling you where you are.


-Impassable / passable linedefs are colored exactly like they are in Zone Builder, so it should be immediately familiar to anyone who has used it.

-Other players also show up on your minimap (upon request), so I suppose it's good for ringslinger gametypes?


mm_radius: Defines how much of the level you want drawn in your minimap. Larger values mean bigger chunks, and may cause performance issues. (200 to 1600 FRACUNITs, default 600 FRACUNIT)

mm_hudsize: Defines the size of your hud. Can go up to 160 pixels, but like....don't do that. (20 to 160 pixels, default 60)

mm_drawcount: Defines how many pixels should be spent to draw a linedef. Set this to lower values if you're having performance issues. (10 to 80, default 40)

mm_fixed: Defines whether the map should stay fixed or not. 0 means it rotates with the player, 1 (or any number value, really) disables rotation. (Default 0).
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