Minecraft style title screen/template title screen

[Reusable] Minecraft style title screen/template title screen 1.0

This mod changes the title screen map to gfz1 and deletes the title and the logo(?)
it's kinda useless, except if you use it with an autoexec file or you put it in your mod
in fact, this is completely reusable, without credits.

modification tutorial
you can add an image to be displayed on screen by replacing T2RBTX, T4RBTX, T2RBTX.
if you want to add an animated intro, you need to replace all other images,
you can't add a gif but you can add frame by frame the images to make it animated

to change the background, you need to open/create a map with zone builder, delete all the player spawns and place the player 1 spawn where you want the camera to be
then go in map options and change the map name to map99. and you can have it with the vanilla images if you apply it without this mod, or you can replace the "map" folder in the mod to toggle off the vanilla images

to make the mod apply you can add an intro soc like the one i used.
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It's okay enough for releases, but I placed it in Assets as I feel it would make for a decent resource for those unaware of how titlemaps work.
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