= Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.3]

[Reusable] = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.3] v1-3

2.2.10 breaking Samus forced my hand into an update, and then I got carried away.

1.3 is a sizable update improving gfx, performance, gameplay physics and adds new tricks like Screw Attack walljumps and omnidirectional walljumps. Still a bit rushed, so we might need a 1.3a hotpatch someday.

-Optimized save & loading code to be less intensive.
-Saves no longer instantly auto-loads save 1. Wait as you long as you think you'll need for your game to catch up.
-You now have to play the Metroid Vanguard campaign for achievements. Make sure "World Events" are not disabled!
-If your savefile has the "cleared game" achievement, story dialogue will now stop appearing on that save.
-Game now autoselects current-level if you're a netgame joiner.
-Samus now shoots a little higher if the player forces the crosshair to 'cross'. Personally I still recommend the Angle Crosshair.
-The default setting now lets joiners join with their personal save files. Enter your ship to turn this off or on. Does not override your old save.
-Improved custom skincolor detection for Samus' "custom suit" options. Custom skincolor mods no longer need to be loaded in any specific order to work properly either.
-Autobrake no longer applies to the morph ball regardless of setting.
-You can now reset the first time setup menu in the ship options.
-Updated Morph Ball physics. Speed retention massively improved.
-Updated non-morphed physics. More responsive strafing and momentum redirection.
-You can now morph from springs and when walking off ledges, but vertical momentum is cut.
-Beam Combos and Hyper Beam are *much* less performance intensive.
-Samus' viewpoint is now higher in first person to reflect her actual height.
-Minimum spiderball charge increased from 38% to 50%.(Happens when morphing in midair.)
-Boost Ball now draws in ammo/energy pickups and no longer drags down the spring ball effect.
-Added a framejump system (5 frames of coyote time) to make jump timing windows more generous. Does not apply to the Spring Ball.
-Removed Crystal Flash's instant Shinespark and Screw Attack. They caused players to accidentally fling themselves into the stratosphere too often.
-Some of the Wave Charge Shot's diffusion blasts will home into nearby enemies or monitors now. (But never players)
-Added fall height stun. Doesn't apply to morph ball.
-Removed Crystal Flash scroll text. The player's likely too overstimulated at this point to take all that in. Just mash that missile button!
-Updated the look and feel of most weapons, their impact, explosions, etc. The new visuals are purely cosmetic and do NOT affect hitbox or damage balance.
-Morph Ball leaves a Metroid Prime style trail now when moving fast.
-First person arm cannon now angles itself based on your movement. Can be turned off in the Ship Menu.
-Explosion glares now reflect Samus' face in her visor like in Metroid Prime
-The main Spider Ball HUD now shrinks rather than disappears whenever you're not actively using the Spider Ball, sparkles upon a full recharge, and now also blinks and glows purple when the Spiderball is unusable. -Added extra graphics when the speedbooster activates.
-HUD now encircles the lockon health meter, and displays a small graphic of said enemy + their weakness.
-Scan visor icon pops up when it's usable.
-Minor update to Samus' walljump animations
-Frozen enemy Ice Blocks are now true 3D thanks to 2.2.9's splats.
-Stole SA-Sonic's saloon door bust gfx.
-Enemies now catch fire from plasma beam kills
-The main Spider Ball HUD now shrinks rather than disappears whenever you're not actively using the Spider Ball, sparkles upon a full recharge, and now also blinks and glows purple when the Spiderball is unusable.
-Boost Ball tackle damage nerfed (*36 to 30*), but granted a missile tank steal mechanic! The odds are based on the victim's max missiles. IE: 11% success chance if victim has 20 missiles, but 71% if they have 200. It always fails against a max count below 20.

-Hitting players with much higher score than you in Hunters with charge shots now drops prism orbs. Only you can see these and pick them up. They replenish 5 energy and 1 missile, are slightly magnetic, and disappear within 8 seconds. Their magnetism can be strongly amplified with the charge beam's pull-in effect.
|Power Beam charge shots grant 1 orb, Spazer and Ice grant 2, Wave and Plasma grant a large prism.
|As an exception, Bombs and Boost Ball tackles also grant prism orbs (*with a 1 second cooldown*)

-Nerfed the Wave Beam's Charge Shot/Beam Combo damage(46 to 39) and slowdown debuff(80% to 30%), but added the status effect "Wave Overload". Wave Overload lasts for 2 seconds and makes Samus:
|Uncontrollably spam missiles and beams if not Morphed, otherwise spam bombs.
|Randomly and instantly swap beam weapons |Randomly start a beam combo if you have alot of missiles (50+)
|Unable to charge, use Power Bombs, Super Missiles, the Speed Booster, Spider Ball, or the Boost Ball.
|Able to Screw Attack instantly, instantly dispells the effect. However, your launch angle will be uncontrollable.
|Forced to turn your shinespark charge into an instant Shinespark/Ballspark forward angled directly at your shooter. This can backfire at the shooter, but also be used purposely to make someone fly straight into a pit or crusher

-Death Ball:tm: impacts now make the user recoil, but fires flaming bolts across the field and inflicts Wave Overload status.
-Updated a few admin-intended functions normal players were able to access.
-Monitor respawn custom time menu option works properly again.
-Beams and explosions no longer clip into walls when fired from point blank range.
-Fixed 2.2.10-update related HUD errors
-Fixed a 2.2.10-update related glitch where you'd lose the ability to fire/morph.
-Fixed 2.2.10-update related immortality glitch.
-Patched out rare crusher softlock in Eggman Castle 3
-Changed methods so mods trying to force SF_SUPER and transform sectors won't bug out.
-Misc minor bugs.


Screen tilt & arm cannon tilting can be turned off in the ship options menu if it makes you nauseous.
Just a minor update I worked on this evening. Fixed that persistent .bat file mistake and the custom color crash bug, plus a few more things. Check the main post for a changelog!