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This mod is a beta and I don't know whether to continue or not, the lua still needs to be polished and the sprites finished but so far it's very playable and it can give you another experience playing with silver sonic game gear since mecha sonic is kind of rough and he silver sonic can be useful if you happen to make a pin ball map or something like that, it is so curious to play with both of them but nothing so innovative​


MEGA HECK! = Mr.Heck


SpikeSensei = super theme mecha sonic
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RetroRobo = super theme silver sonic
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skills 1.png


skills 2.png

how is your health
Sin título-1.png

sonic mecha resist the same blows as a boss
so children are useless apart from points and lives

Sin título-2.png

for silver sonic it works the same the same rule only
this one being mass produced has 3 life points so it is easier to die

and the one who complains about the name of mecha sonic here I have the evidence
Screenshot_20220904-185349_Opera GX.jpg

well, and who doesn't really like the name "because it won't be changed until (sega) puts another" :shitsfree: :wow:

if you want to help

you can contribute by making sprites, 3d model or art "obviously your credits will appear"

Mr Heck!
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A Great Character Pack so give my opinion of the two characters
-Mecha Sonic
I found this very fun to use, although it is heavy, it is capable of maintaining a fast pace, my only problem is that it can be hit several times in a row, which can cause certain deaths, so if you add something to it, it will prevent you from being hit so many times. maybe it goes back more than normal because if you put us through the suffering that most sonic bosses go through
-Silver Sonic
Although it seems to me that it tries to be faster and more pleasant to use for casual players, my problem with silver sonic is the bounce with the walls is a problem since it makes levels like Greenflower zone act2 and Castle eggman act2 a torture of rest for me He seems like a nice character, I'm not saying that you eliminate the bounce, I'm just saying that you should put something that makes it only bounce when it is made into a ball, either by the jump or by the spin dash
Mr Heck!
Mr Heck!
the point of the 2 characters is to make you torture the campaign game, silver sonic is made to break your balls while mecha is the same but to a lesser extent
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I was always waiting for a character addon that added Mecha Sonic (Sonic 2) since the ending of the 2.1 era and I gotta say, we got rewarded greatly in double.

Mecha Sonic is fun to play with, the ability to gain vertical superiority by Spin Dashing on the walls, the float ability, the ability to fly slightly higher, it all pairs very well.
My only problem with him is that you can't do anything when falling in hot surfaces (i.e Lava). Since you don't have invincibility frames when taking damage, making you get stuck on it until you take max damage. Either give him vulnerability frames or one hit-KO when falling in lava.

Silver Sonic can be one of the most mobile characters in the hands of an expert because of his ability to bounce walls and also having two jump functions. I like this but Silver's passive ability to bounce would be enhanced if you gave his downwards bounce the same interaction as Amy's Hammer on springs. And going even beyond, perhaps give him the ability to recover his moveset after a spring jump, to enhance his mobility greatly.

Overall, those two are pretty fun to play. Excellent job Mr Heck
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An extremely fun mod and a good way of bringing Mecha Mark.1 and Silver Sonic into SRB2!

Silver Sonic is the less absurdly powerful of the two characters here, but he's absurdly fun to control considering he bounces everywhere and gets fun movement options, especially his Air-Spindash. Probably one of my favorite characters to play as in this game.

Mecha Sonic is also very good, a fairly overpowered beast with some unique restrictions, such as having a spindash but still being too big to fit into small gaps, similar to Espio. However, despite his impressive kit, he has one major issue that brings him down and leaves me rating 4 stars instead of 5: a gamebreaking bug which makes the campaign unwinnable.

Y'see, Mecha has a unique part of his kit that triggers upon entering a level where a shockwave obliterates any enemies around him upon spawning. This does proves useful, making it so bosses only have to get seven times instead of eight, and it even removes the cage on CEZ3, turning the boss into kind of a joke. However, this quickly becomes a huge issue in ACZ3. This shockwave damages Fang before he actually gets to exit the box in the beginning, starting the fight earlier than it's supposed to. The result of this is that Fang is invincible. I actually don't know how this is in the game, since the trailer clearly seems to imply testing against Fang was done, so it's somehow just me getting this, or the testers just didn't fight Fang and assumed everything was working well.

Still, this is a really good set of characters to mess around with! Just maybe don't play story mode with Mecha for a while until a new version comes out.
Mr Heck!
Mr Heck!
Honestly, I don't know what the famg error is, but I and other people have managed to complete this campaign before it came out on the forum. (we will see what is wrong)
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Mecha Sonic is fun to play but the only downside is Mecha Sonic's jump & Spin dash Is quite annoying I wish he had a normal jump & spin dash sound like Metal Sonic imo people gonna be annoyed by mecha sonic jump & spin dash sounds mostly his jump sound
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Really good stuff for a beta! (So good in fact, I literally only joined the forum today to leave this review.)
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Beautiful seriously ngl
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this is pretty good though i know this is a beta im still gonna give some things i think could use improvement like Silver sonics float spin, it takes too long to go and i can understand this if you could control how much you charge but you cant you have to wait like a good 5 seconds or so before your allowed to play the game again and after it finally does go you cant use it again even after you landed on the ground you have to wait a few seconds you cant just do it again after you hit the ground. these can be fix if your allowed to control how much you charge the float spin and if you immediately get back your float spin when hitting the ground or just have it take less time to charge cause i feel like im waiting for it to go longer than im actually playing the game thats the only things i really have a problem with other than Silver sonics forgotten spring sprites that default to sonic at certain angles, its great to see this guys in the game finally they are pretty fun, though it would be cool to see Silver sonic have a move that uses his claw arms in some way like maybe a grapple move or something idk.
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Welcome to releases!
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