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Hoi, lel it took me a long while here but Here We Are!
Say Hello to a Special Pack of Dazzling Colors made for your likings and Mostly for Mari0shi06's Hangout Server!
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These are the Featured Colors:

Speedy Blue!
A Way Past Cool color made for Speedsters who are free as the wind, just as our Beloved Blue Hedgehog.

Flying Orange!
A color made for those who wanna Fly High so they can reach the Highest of all the Heavens.

Rosy Pink!
A Special color more ideal for a Rosy Rascal, made with love and My Sweet Passion.

Edgy Black!
A Color only for those worthy to be the Ultimate Lifeform or to find that Damn FOURTH Chaos Emerald!

Metallic Cobalt!
Remember Dark Blue from 2.1? well its Back! with a new name and a more Metallic Look!

Movie Star!
A Super Special Color to Hype You Up for the Upcoming Movie Sonic Mod and the Second Sonic Movie.

A Color based on the Current Classic Sonic Design, you can Now Fullfill your dreams of bringing Sonic Generations to SRB2 (This Color is NOT Related to Santiago)

Yep! Smeiden, Shaderex, Nacklex and Rockex from the YT Sonic Loquendo Channel Marianosmeiden are Coming to SRB2 as Colors of this Pack, cuz why not?

Solar Flame, Polar Freeze and Eco Flower!
Outstanding Colors i made based on Sonic's Solar, Polar and Eco Forms from Sonic's Comics by Archie!

2 Random Dragonball Colors i made lmao, Godly Red (Based on Super Saiyan God) and From God to Blue (Based on the scene of Goku's Attempt at UI from Dragon Ball Super: Broly)
i like Dragon Ball, okay?

and Now the Moment You've been waiting for...
Transformation Colors!!!!!

Raging Dark!
Unleash your Inner rage with this Color, Inspired By Dark Sonic from Sonic X.

Super Gold (AKA Super Sonic's Color)!
Harness the Power of the Chaos Emeralds with this amazing Color (Thanks Mari0shi06 for helping how to do Super Colors as Animated Colors)

Super Orange (Aka: Super Tails' Color)!
and You Thought Super Sonic was Going to Be the Only Super Form as a Color in this Pack did ya? Well, Guess what! Tails' is Joining as well (Tails is my baby, okay).

Super Copper (You Need Dirk's Super Colors for this One)
A Super Color for Tails coming Straight from Dirk's Custom Super Colors!


Super Tails?!
My Very own Color For Tails' Super Form inspired by Mania's Take on the transformation.

more colors Coming Soon!

Hope You Enjoy this Colors as Much as i did Making them.

Credits taim!!!! :)

Mari0shi06 for the Super Colors as Animated Colors tutorial

DirkTheHusky for Making the Super Copper Color

SEGA for Making Sonic and Friends (duh)

TMS entertainment for making Sonic X and Dark Sonic (also duh)


Marianosmeiden for Smeiden, Rockex, Nacklex and Shaderex!

(Mari0shi06's Tutorial on Super Colors as Animated Colors:

(Dirk's Custom Super Colors:

(Marianosmeiden's Channel:

(Marianosmeiden's Twitter:

thats it, lel.
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marvelous colors!
Thanks man! i appreciate it.
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Well good job the color's are cool and you make a tails super color i am pround of you ;)
i did, the Super Tails Color is a Color based on Sonic and Tails R's take on Super Tails (as of 1.4 and on, it looked like Mania's Super Tails color in older versions, like 1.2, which was the Super Sonic and Super Mario update)
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I like the colors, though (& this is just my personal opinion) the colors of Raging Dark should be black & purple, not black & blue.
read the description, it says its Inspired Dark Sonic's Coloring from Sonic X
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Welcome to releases.
thx D00D, hope you enjoy these colors as much as i did making them
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