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This addon causes all racers to draw a trail on the minimap (up to a certain length.) Use this to draw funny things on battle maps, or study the lines of your opponents (and catch them when they use banned cuts).

All configuration options are for players/clients only.
trail_mode: Determines how new trails are recorded. Changing this will delete all trails.
  • Performance (0): All players use the same trail list. With default values, a cumulative 19 minutes of trails can be recorded, divided between all players.
  • PerformanceFirstOnly (1): As Performance, but only first place's trails are recorded.
  • Ultra (2): All players use separate trail lists. With default values, 19 minutes of trails can be recorded PER PLAYER.
  • UltraFirstOnly (3): As Ultra, but only first place's trails are recorded.
trail_max: Determines how many entries can be recorded in a trail list (basically, how long each trail is allowed to be). Expect performance issues at higher amounts (and bugs anywhere above the default amount.) Lowering the value will delete older trails to make up for the difference. Set this to 0 to turn the mod off.
trail_delay: Determines how many ticks must pass before new trails may be recorded. Lower amounts will create smoother (but shorter) player trails.
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