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[Reusable] Many Minor Tweaks 5.3

NOTICE! Your previous setting for "Disable Super Music" might not be applied due to a bug fix!

Hey everyone, by popular request I finally re-introduced the Classic Special Stage option, along with the special stage animation option! I've also fixed a couple of bugs, check the changelog here:
  • Added two returning options:
    • "Classic Special Stages" is back, and it allows you to enter a special stage if you finish the level with >50 rings!
    • "Special Stage Exit Animation" plays a lil animation when your player enters/leaves a special stage, mimicking the giant rings found in classic sonic!
  • Fixed "Recurl" applying to NiGHTs stages
  • Fixed conflict with Modern Sonic's supermusic option and MMT's "Disable Super Music" option
Hey y'all, quickly made an update here for two reasons, to take advantage of a change to 2.2.10, and to fix an issue with the HUD that happened because of 2.2.10!

There's a new tweak called "Multiplayer Special Stages" that changes all the special stages in singleplayer to be the maps used for multiplayer! Unfortunately this is a bit limited since custom exits (i.e. signposts that take you to different levels) do not currently work, so if you're using a custom map pack that takes advantage of multiple exits, don't use this!

Also because people keep asking, next update I'll re-implement Classic Special Stages, I quickly made this as an update just so this mod can work with 2.2.10.
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I've got done with this a lot quicker than I thought; this re-introduces almost all the features from the past versions of MMT (with others still to come hopefully), and introduces a couple new things! I've also made the menus a little bit more consistent looking, and squashed a few bugs.

- Changed up some of the text so it's more consistent and understandable.
- Reduced the delay in loading settings upon start.
- Options now have a bit of redundancy when saving, hopefully meaning if I change an option's name, it won't cause issues in the future.
- Added some brand new tweaks!
Player Colors - An easy to use menu for single-player to adjust your character's colors!
Character - Changes your character on the fly in single-player!
- Re-introduced some tweaks from the last version!
SFX Style - Locally changes your player's SFX to other sounds, such as the ones from Sonic 1-3K, CD, and Knuckles' Chaotix!
Classic Shields - Replaces the shields in the level with equivalent ones from Sonic 3 & Knuckles! (single-player only)
Score-based Continues - Grants the player a continue if they finish the score they get at the end of a level is >15000 (single-player only)
Always Render Shields - Renders the player's shield when they're invincible/super
- Bug fixes:
Fixed Coyote Time from being used when you're not supposed to be able to use it (i.e. when using a spring, amy's hammer attack, etc.)
Fixed script errors occurring if attempting to load a number-based option that isn't saved as a number.
Fixed the Deaths Counter not showing the character's super form in the icon.
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Would ya believe it, I've entirely re-written this mod yet again. It's only been a year since the last version! This one is a big, huge, gigantic change, and unfortunately some of the tweaks from the previous version have to be left behind due to how they work. But on the bright side, there's a whole host of new tweaks, of which I'd argue are much more essential tweaks!

I'm not gonna bother with a changelog since I've updated so much that you'll just have to see for yourself. I didn't implement any kind of save importing, so you'll have to set up everything again, but that shouldn't be much of a problem!

Of note: You use "mmtmenu" in the console to open up the menu now. Also, the menu system works in multiplayer now! There's even a functional loading system for multiplayer, so you can carry over your settings when joining a server without needing to fiddle with setting it all back up.

I might plan a v5.1 to include some of the missing tweaks since the last version, and to fix any bugs that are reported. Otherwise, enjoy!
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