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[Reusable] Many Minor Tweaks 5.3

Full of very useful and unquestionably positive changes. Very handy menu allows you to customize the extent to which the addon affects your experience, and it's more extensive than you'd first imagine. Recurl makes springs a lot less obnoxious to use and lots of small customizations like sound effects from the classic games.

My one current gripe is that, while there are configs for controls on some new mechanics like recurl or tails flight cancel, these keybind options are limited. For mechanics like the recurl, this can be especially problematic for custom characters where both jump and spin keys do distinct air actions and going into curl during these actions can be jarring. However, I still love all the features included as standalone enhancements.
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This is a must have mod for me at this point, the gentler CD jump sound, the coyote time, and recovery jump just make this game a much more fun romp in local multiplayer.

Only critiques and suggestions I can give are to maybe give more options adjustability, such as ring spread and coyote time.

Only bug I ran into was that any character that has an attack bound to spin can't go super.
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This mod is really good, great job! tho i'm having issues with 2 options in there
1. "Disable Super Music"
Whenever i have Modern Sonic Loaded, the option in the menu breaks and when i try to change it spawn an error and i can't change it. also, when i change the option in the menu, Modern Sonic command goes "nil" or off
2. "Recurl"
When i have this option ON using the Spin button (i guess Jump has the same error) and im in a NiGHTS Stage, the character start trying to spin when it shouldn't
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