Major And Minor (M&M) Tweaks

Major And Minor (M&M) Tweaks v1.5

Someone had an error where if they loaded v1.5 with some other mods, it has a chance of breaking (due to the new HUD). I have made the HUD as a separate file to prevent this.
Kinda small update, but it's just some HUD changes for the score-time-rings counter, that being it has a shine on the letters.

Plus, I just wanted to note back in v1.4 I changed the picnic area in GFZ2, so now instead of 2 red Crawlas and an Eggman monitor, it's an Amy cameo and a Life monitor.
All I did here was add some fallen rocks from the ceiling in Egg Rock Run.
  • Added subtitles to the Match & CTF maps
  • Changed CCZ's and CEZ2's subtitle
  • Added little bonus islands to GFZ2 and ACZ2
  • Added bits of fire to Egg Rock Run (accentuating the fact that the zone is taking place as the Egg Rock is blowing up)
  • Added slight changes to the CEZ, ACZ & Metal Sonic arenas (Brak Eggman's stays as is, I couldn't see anything that warrants changing)
  • Added bits of decoration to the Multiplayer Special Stages
  • Added a path in GFZ1 (literally, a path)
  • Redecorated the first 3 boss rooms
All I did was adjust the enemy placements in AGZ and 6 of the statues in the hallway. Not very big of an update, but an update nonetheless.
  • Cool!
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  • Renamed Egg Hall back to Black Core, but still kept both Metal Sonic encounters in Egg Rock
  • Added zone transitions to Aerial Garden and Azure Temple
  • Some Flickies now appear in other zones