Major And Minor (M&M) Tweaks

Major And Minor (M&M) Tweaks v1.5

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This tweak mod is very straight-to-the-point with everything, so I won't ramble on too long.

So I've always thought SRB2 kinda cuts a few corners, like only having a subtitle in Dream Hill Zone and nowhere else, Red Volcano Zone having only one act yet still displays the act number (yes, I know it will be updated soon but I'm very impatient), having 4 Bonus Stages and 3 Challenge Stages etc, so I decided to take it upon myself to fix these changes.

Sorry if you don't like anything I changed, this is just my personal preferences. Feel free to let me know any changes you want to make!

  • Red Volcano Zone now says "The Act" instead of "Act 1" in the level select
  • Moved both Metal Sonic encounters into Egg Rock to maintain flow in level progression and moved Brak Eggman to a new zone: "Egg Hall"
  • Added subtitles to every stage (including the tutorial)
  • Added a new challenge stage, Egg Rock Run, to balance out Challenge and Bonus Stages
  • The Special Stages now show Roman Numerals instead of Arabic Numerals
  • A few music changes
  • Forest Fortress now has a separate path, but you have to find it yourself. Let's just say it's hidden in plain sight...
  • The beginning of each zone (excluding RVZ but including FHZ) has a transition when you enter it. For some you just have to look backwards to see it.
To check the updates I have made to this list, check the "Updates" tab!
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Amazing mod dude seriously but I had to warn you if this so that's why I created this account: the new update added a custom HUD and it now breaks my other mods so I would like so that any new updates you made had 2 versions, 1 with the HUD and the other whitout
You know what? I'll just upload the HUD as a seperate file in this addon's page so you can add it whenever you please.
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This is a god like pack, as it goes well with many minor tweaks, and i'm literally so tempted to replay srb2 with this and surge.
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This is a very creative and interesting little set of changes, and I really appreciate the effort that went into the level transitions! Awesome work, thanks for putting a little polish on the ol girl
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Welcome to releases!
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