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Latias & Latios Pack V3

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Latias & Latios, the Eon Duo, join the race!


LATIAS: Prefix LIAS - Stats: 7,3
LATIOS: Prefix LIOS - Stats: 8,6
They're not in need of karts and instead race through flight! Despite this, they'll still slow down off-road. Probably to play fair.
Being quick in the air is their specialty, so stat-wise, they're both high up on their Speed. However, Latias has the better handling whereas Latios has more weight.

SFX pulled from Pokemon Heroes, Super Smash Bros. and Pokepark Wii.
These two were my first addons, so for legacy reasons (or maybe you prefer them), the original sprites (V2) are still available. (You don't want V1.)
I have also released other characters since creating these two.

Special thanks to my friends who helped me bring these two into the game. I now have a better understanding of the process of creating characters for SRB2Kart and sharing them. Thank you! <3
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Very nice sprites! Love how they control!
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they both are well done and i love them
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