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[Reusable] Jump Button HUD Counter 1.0

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I took on a challenge of clearing/routing Sonic Robo Blast 2 in as few jump buttons (A presses) as possible, as inspired by the similar challenge happening with Super Mario 64 (e.g. pannenkoek2012, etc). But I found that it was difficult to keep track of the exact press counter per level, so I wrote this Lua script to add a new element to the HUD for doing so. Anyone can now use this script for ensuring their run(s) are as jumpless as possible. I think.

This script will add a new HUD element ("PRESS") below RINGS, and show you how many times you've pressed that cursed button during your current session.

- The Super Mario 64 ABC people, for the reason I did this in the first place.
- Sonic Team Jr, for making SRB2 in the first place. And of course SEGA.
- The modding channels on the SRB2 discord, for helping me getting this working.
- And viewers like you.
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Does what it says on the tin! This should make a fun little challenge to complete the game with as little Jump presses as possible - Only thing I'd critique is that this also counts midair jump uses, so characters like Tails will unavoidably have many more presses than other characters.
That aside, Welcome Aboard!
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