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[Reusable] Jump Button HUD Counter 1.0

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RevoSucks submitted a new resource:

Jump Button HUD Counter - Wanna track those pesky "A Presses" in your HUD? Well here's a simple script for doing that.

I took on a challenge of clearing/routing Sonic Robo Blast 2 in as few jump buttons (A presses) as possible, as inspired by the similar challenge happening with Super Mario 64 (e.g. pannenkoek2012, etc). But I found that it was difficult to keep track of the exact press counter per level, so I wrote this Lua script to add a new element to the HUD for doing so. Anyone can now use this script for ensuring their run(s) are as jumpless as possible. I think.

This script will add a new HUD...

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Extem the Hedgeho

tfw you wake up but you were never really asleep
Now make it so that holding the button will display as half an a press until you release the button

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