InnocentDalek785's Custom Palette

[Reusable] InnocentDalek785's Custom Palette 2.1 - Minor Update

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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This is my custom palette for SRB2. The colors are more vibrant, without excessive over-saturation, nor drastic lightness/darkness contrast changes.

Palette Comparison.png

Since I'm not skilled and experienced enough to make mods from scratch, I used another mod as a base (PVPalette, created by PencilVoid).

Anyways, hope you enjoy!
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.1 - Minor Update

    Altered the turquoise section.
  2. Version 2.0 - Complete Overhaul

    Redid the entire palette from scratch.
  3. Version 1.3 - Minor Alterations

    I edited a certain blue area to make it more distinguishable to the darker sky colors.

Latest reviews

Hm, not too sure how I feel about this palette. It can be obnoxiously blue sometimes like some other palettes are, and going underwater looks a little more bland than usual. Greenflower gets really saturated and isn't too pleasant to look at. But the more red browns really give darker levels like Deep Sea and Castle Eggman alot more color depth that they usually lack, and the red hue-shifting to hot pink at the top is a really nice touch.
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