ICW Pack

ICW Pack V2

Fixes a lot of issues on prehexisting tracks.
changes the layout and look of the tracks:
Sedo Meadow
Gravity Belt
Ravine Circuit (now renamed to Yellow Mountain)
Glacial Cave (now renamed to Frozen Castle)
Adds the two last maps of glider cup
litteraly fixing a texture that is the wrong color on a specific wall...
what can i add? (glasalo lake, on one of the icebergs in the spiral)
Adds two new maps.
Adds a lot of snowmens.
changes some stuff in existing maps, ranging from details to gimicks
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Fixes a spawning problem in Lake Glassalo
Adds Sweet asteroid.
Adds a bit more signs on the following maps :
- Icicle Avenue (very end of the lap, where the paths join)
- Lake Glasalo (at the start, and at the split path)
- Celestial hill (at the start, and at the split path)

Fixes a respawn on Propeled town.
Remove a hole in the Ice on Lake Glasalo.
litteraly in the title
oh and also adds signs in cream cake
Adds the first half of the Chained Cup, based (mostly) around the Grapling LUA made by Indev
Adds the first half of the Wing Cup, based (mostly) around the Glider Lua