ICW Pack

ICW Pack V2

This is a nice, simple little pack. The ice themed tracks are beautiful and fun to race on and the non-ice tracks are still cool as well. I've got complaints for some maps, though. Any maps not listed are ones I didn't personally have problems with. These are takes based off of offline, first glance races as Tails.

Icicle Avenue
- The large field of snow you can cut at the 2nd item set skipping the item set leaves you without an item until the last item set... which is at the finish line.
- Last item set is too close to the finish line.
Lake Glassalo
- The path on where to go at the beginning past the 1st item set is small and not immediately noticeable if you didn't catch it while you were drifting up the slope.
- Right path split is always faster, even more so thanks to the popsicle. Said popsicle having items is redundant if the next item set is so close.
- Last item set is too close to the finish line.
Glacial Corridor
- TOO dark for items. Any items not fullbright or shot on the glowing line are invisible in the darkness until you hit them.
Falenas Underpass
- Signage at the end is too high and appears too late. I'm relying on the bankage of the tunnels instead of these signs as a consequence.
Sweet Asteroid
- At the beginning, if someone decides to cut through the middle (or get knocked down before reaching the apex of the jump), they miss a checkpoint and respawn further back if they die.
The checkpoint in which they respawn on is also on the ground so they can't drop dash either.
- Big cut at the spiral by launching yourself off the sides of the big slope approaching the spiral, going around the acidless pillar, and landing on the top. Inversely, there's nothing saving players from having to take the spiral again if they get knocked down to the bottom again.
- There's a LOT of offroad to cut at the end. It falls off on the last lap so maybe it's not always an issue but it does help to secure a lead pretty early on.
- Last item set is too close to the finish line.
Gravity Belt
- Because we're on the ceiling at the beginning, we follow the leading line that is the red line on the flipside path. But it leads into a wall and the path you're ACTUALLY supposed to take comes up too late to realize the mistake.
Same thing happens on the next ceiling area.
- Last item set is too close to the finish line.
Aquatic Scrapyard
- There's a random slope launch at the last item set. Might throw players off when it happens.
Celestial Hill
- Right cave is always faster, no real reason to take the left cave, and bottom cave is extremely punishing for being the longest path out with nothing to help catch up.
- Suggest some signage pointing left to help prevent any possibility of players turning right when getting to the path merge in the Left cave route.
Cream Cake
- Signage pointing me AWAY from split paths? Not sure why.
- The ramp on the 1st cake is WAY too small. Considering this is the path the signs are pointing towards, the ability to miss the ramp and not die immediately is a bad first impression.
- The drop down path at the next section is always faster so no need to take the other paths once you notice it.
- On the last cake, the path that the signs are pointing me to does not cleanly blend with the main path so it's pink on pink and I can't see that there's a wall approaching and that I need to jump onto the cookie path instead.
Sedo Meadows
- The cut at the 2nd item set skipping the items is pretty harsh considering it saves only about a second and the next item set is so far out.
- The space between the 2nd and 3rd item set is pretty big. Maybe add an additional item set at the rocky area?
- The stairs leading up to the houses at the 2nd item set is pretty cute but since no racers need to be up here, it probably shouldn't have a presence on the turn considering the correct path is slightly obscured by the grass.
- The loop point on the music is set incorrectly.
I am taking your feedback in acount, but can you explain in more detail the cut on sweat asteroid? i fail to see where or how it is achived
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Interesting selection of tracks here. Sorbet Circuit is fun but narrow with way the turns flow allowing for technical driving skills (Interesting choice of Pounding Pavement as BGM for this track.) Icicle Avenue is wider and leaves no room for errors, but the slippery nature of the track means that certain slowdowns are harder to avoid. Lake Glasalo is probably the weakest of the pack due to a blind pit fall towards the beginning and the cave setting being not nearly as utilized to its full potential. Glacial Cave has a neat use of lighting to illustrate the pathway of the track and the lack of offroad slowdown for most of the circuit makes it one of the more tamer tracks for those starting out in Kart. You weren't kidding when you said that Death Snowman was hard to complete the full 28 laps. Overall, nice track pack with a cool as ice theming.
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