Icezer's Color Pack

[Open Assets] Icezer's Color Pack v5

This update adds a few normal colors and 5 super colors.

- Bloopy (Pink)
- Winty (Aqua/Greenish blue?)
- Sprock (Green)
- Blueblur (Dark Blue)
- Spirit (Dark Reddish Purple)

- Verglas (Light Blue)
- Wine (Pinkish Purple)
- Toxin (Green/Black)
- Volcanic (Dark Brown/Orange)
- Radish (Red)

Better late than never, eh?

v4 Expands the color count by more than double! This update adds:

- Void (Purple, inspired by the colors wisp.)
- Frantic (Deeper Purple, also inspired by the Frenzy colors wisp.)
- Pixie (Light Pink)
- Mochi (Light, Faded Green)
- Shiny (Bright Yellow, taken from Super Sonic)
- Gump (Some weird... purply blue color?)
- Electrolyte (Light Blue)
- Vivid (Light Orange)
- Valentine (Light Red)
- Harlequin (Light Green)
- Magical (Light Purple)
- Margarine (Light Yellow)