Ice Pack

Ice Pack actual 1.3

Interesting selection of tracks here. Sorbet Circuit is fun but narrow with way the turns flow allowing for technical driving skills (Interesting choice of Pounding Pavement as BGM for this track.) Icicle Avenue is wider and leaves no room for errors, but the slippery nature of the track means that certain slowdowns are harder to avoid. Lake Glasalo is probably the weakest of the pack due to a blind pit fall towards the beginning and the cave setting being not nearly as utilized to its full potential. Glacial Cave has a neat use of lighting to illustrate the pathway of the track and the lack of offroad slowdown for most of the circuit makes it one of the more tamer tracks for those starting out in Kart. You weren't kidding when you said that Death Snowman was hard to complete the full 28 laps. Overall, nice track pack with a cool as ice theming.
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