Hyper forms for everyone!!11!!!!!!

[Reusable] Hyper forms for everyone!!11!!!!!! v1

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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(this mod isn't made for srb2 uncapped or for versions inferior to 2.2.10)
this mod consists on an epilepsy free hyper form that should work for most modded characters
to activate it you need more than 100 rings (edit line 256 if you want the requirement lower) and then press jump + spin while being super, for modern sonic you can just press the lightdash button again while being super. You can turn on the flashing effects by pressing 9 or writing flashon in console or turn it off by pressing 0 or writing flashoff in console, the flashing effects are automatically turned off and you have to manually turn on the flashing each time

Character specific abilities

Sonic and Metal Sonic:

hyper dash or something:
the thok now nukes enemies around the player

ughhh idk *shakes butt*:
press jump and spin at the same time to launch yourself upwards


-clone fighter for helping on the skincolor's making
-your mom
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Simple mod, but does its job surprisingly well. I like that going hyper isn't just being able to breathe underwater and do flashy effects, the extra moves really give the form its own identity. Good job!
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heheheha, saw your video btw
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