How to get 3D Models on Android

How to get 3D Models on Android

You,yes you! Ever wanted to use 3D Models in SRB2? I think your probably know how to do it.But,if your playing SRB2 on the go,i think you dont know.But no worries,because this guide will help.Lets get started!

1. You have to download the 2.2.10 version of SRB2 for Android.Then,download Zarchiver.

Zarchiver is an Android app to allows you to check your files.With this,you can also move mods you downloaded in SRB2! We will be using this for the 3D Models.By the way,Zarchiver can either be downloaded on mobile app stores or on the link right here: If you dont follow the steps how to download Zarchiver while on the internet,you wont be able to use it.)

Once you downloaded SRB2,you shuld have the folder called Sonic Robo Blast 2.

2. Download the 3D Models.
I recommend you to use this models.However,you can choose whatever models you want!

3. This is where Zarchiver cames into play.Once you found the folder,seperate its files.You shuld have one folder called "models" and a "models.dat" file.

4. Almost last step. If you know how to move the files (what a dumb question lol),you shuld move the "models" folder and the models.dat into your Sonic Robo Blast 2 folder.

5. Last Step! Open up SRB2>Options>Video Settings>Redender: Open GL>Open GL options>Models: On.

In the conclusion,3D Models are a great addition to your SRB2 gameplay,and if you want to use them on Android,with this guide,you will probably never let them be off.


Now of course,this guide wouldnt be here without these guys:

Jeck Jims - He created the models you can download in this guide.

Zarchiver's creators- Without them,you will never be able to use models on your Android device.

Inazuma- He took a nice review of my guide,and made me correct few mistakes.

Lactozilla- for creating the fanmade port of SRB2 2.2.10

Sonic Team JR- Without them creating this masterpiece of a fangame,i think none of us would even be here.

And lastly,you!
Thank you for your attention!
See ya!
Oh,you still here?
Well,here are few extra spoliers for an QnA,as well as how to use addons:
Q: How did you got inspiration?
A: Well,see,one time i was watching Youtube i saw a video talking on how to use 3D models on PC version of SRB2.And then,i got inspiration for android version of tutorial,but for MB.
Q:What are your future goals?
A:I dont have much things in future,maybe make a new guide,or help to make a new addon for Shanon.
Q: What the heck is your name?!
A:Well,every name has to fit someone,and i got my name a year ago,when i played SRB2,but the Tails i wa splaying it was red.And then,combination of words red and SRB2 got into a fusion: RedSRB2(i was once called Crimson,but later i saw it bit cringe name)

So,originally i wanted to make this small guide seperated from this one,but it was cancelled.
Anyways,you just need an addon,SRB2 2.2.10,and Zarchiver.
1.As ofc,you need to have SRB2.
2.You need to have at least one simple addon.Try to find it on MB.
3.Use the Zarchiver to move the addon file into your Addons folder inside of SRB2 folder.
3.5 Incase of being a .zip,.7z,or a .rar file,you just need to seperate the file.Then,the Wad (or PK3) shuld came as seperate.
4.Just open up SRB2>Addons>Addons folder.
4.5 In case of you not having the Addons folder,make yourself one.Its not that hard to do it.

I said 'nuff. Bye!
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