Golden Sun : Lighthouse map pack

[Reusable] Golden Sun : Lighthouse map pack 3

- Magma Rock : Climb this fire elementtale moment and race inside the volcano.
The map start as a sprint map but finish with a 3 lap cuircuit.

- Jupiter : Fixed a memecut. Another one.

- Mars : Visual update. Minor buff to first cut by adding a sneaker at the end. Minor layout edit for the 2nd cut to make it easier to take. Added useless path for explorator.

- Venus : The ending session has been reworked => There are no sand in first lap, some sand in 2nd lap, and full of sand stream in last lap. The sand stream is also stronger, and the bridge path has some curve. Added a new secret to the map.
- Mercury : Changed the way the giant slope jump work. Layout change at the end of the map. Added some slope. Added missing death plane.
- Venus : Nothing
- Jupiter : Added more checkpoints, and fixed another meme cut.
- Mars : Added some slope. Slitghly extended a turn at the end. Visual change.
- Sol sanctum : Added 4 item box at the 2nd floor. updated the easter egg visual and it now shouldn't crash poeple here.
- All lighthouse : Minor improvement here and there.
Mercury Lighthouse :
There Should no longer be a random death plane after the first cut.
Added one arrow on the ground after the cut.
Should no longer be possible to do it sneakerless.
Mercury : Put the first random item more early so you have more reaction time to take the first cut. The cut has also made easier to not fail.

Venus : Added indication of the placement of some sneaker pad. Added consolation item at the end if you took the longer path.
- Extended a tiny the layout of Mars lighthouse.
- Made the water cut of Mercury L harder to do, and the underwater section is now ONLY in lap 2. So you can do this broken cut only in Lap 2
- Fixed even more meme cut of Jupiter L. AGAIN
- Added an Hell map where you do all 4 Lighthouse in a sprint map. It is however a tiny broken.
All skybox in software mode should be fixed.

- Venus lighthouse : minor layout tweak (cut reworked and last section edited again) and fixing checkpoint and bug.
- Mercury LightHouse : Water rise faster.
- Jupiter lighthouse : Nerfed a lot the random memecut here and there. Slope updated
- Mars Lighthouse, the offroad of the 2nd cut (in the heat wave zone) is now more stronger.
- Shortcute in Jupiter Lighthouse reworked. It is now an heavy off-road followed by a yellow spring. You can't do it sneakerless now.

- Mars Lighthouse , Added a simple wall at the very end of the track to avoid troll to trigger the lava early. The wall go down when the trigger is reached normaly.

- Venus Lighthouse, the overall look as been updated. Added a secret room. Reworked the last section of the map. The hidden toad at the entrance is now actually possible to hit.

- All 4 map will now have an shared Encore music. Isaac battle theme.

- Mars Lighthouse : Added a wall to avoid a skip, moved some flame circle more near the road, expended the landing floor after the first jump, added a small cut, minor visual change.
- Mercury Lighthouse : Added a wall, minor visual change.
- Venus Lighthouse : removed the weird 2nd path at the begening, made the shortcut easier to see (sloped the spring).
- Jupiter Lighthouse : added a wall

- Sol Sanctum : new battle map. Will you find the way to the 4 elemental stars?


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Fixed the trigger in Mars lighthouse. The Ice now shouldn't melt while you are driving on it.