Gemma the Tarsier-Cat

Gemma the Tarsier-Cat v1.3.5

- [Battle] Fixed Gemma getting stuck in THZ goop when you perform Rock Wave
- Totally not tweaked/revamped/remade some of Gemma's sprites again

Gemma's mainhand weapon is now replaced with the Stone Ring (conceptualized and sprited by me), a recent addition in RingSlinger NEO v3. Knuckles also uses this as his offhand.

Grenade was only a placeholder, She was meant to use this weapon as her mainhand.

[Originally released on April 16/17 (depending on your timezone). Due to recent events that happened in the SRB2MB, It was rolled back to it's April 14th state, 2/3 days before I even released this patch.]

- Fixed the Stand animation issue
- New Super color.


- Gemma now had a defined RS NEO loadout: Main Hand: Grenade, Offhand: Scatter. Ammo is set to 40.
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Things didn't go as planned.

- Forgot to properly implement Dirk Surf and Milne Dance (files were present in it) so it's implemented now.


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Been a while, isn't it?

I've worked on Gemma's visual overhaul for a while, and now it's here. Gemma's braid is now bigger to match with her artworks, her tail is now less static, and some frames like Falling and Skidding have been remade entirely. Oh and Gemma's jump/spin ball is now oval shaped too, to reflect the fact she's tall.

But... given the update's topic, you'd definitely know know what else is here.

Battle Abilities


Earth Wall:
Costing 10 Rings, Press fire while grounded to pull a wall of earth from the ground to protect yourself from attacks in front of you. You are still vulnerable to attacks from behind, though. Will break if it's hit by opponents 3 times or by player's choice by pressing Fire again.


Rock Wave:
Costing 10 Rings again, Pressing Fire while midair will charge up her move and strike downward to emit a mid-range wave of earth.

Special thanks to the guys at the BattleMod Community for testing her out.

In other news, I'd like to drop a little preview of what's next to come:

Sprite Refinements & Reworks!
- Refined various sprites, such as the Continue & Life sprites
- Refined Walk animations, including a Remade A1 Walk
- Remade Edge/Balancing sprites
- Removed Surf sprites cause they kinda suck


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