Visualy, those track are incredible . There are so much detail, it's the highlight of the pack.

But having to much visual/decoration can lead to players be confused to where to go; This is especialy the case with jinx forest and some part of monument castle (Sky ruins is fine). Even some cut in jinx forest are sometime more confusing than the main road so you lost time by bonking everywhere.

Here some specific problem that we have notice for each map :
- Jinx forest : Make most of the cut path wider, to avoid bonking everywhere.

- Monument Castle : You want to open the library wall earlier, first place often literaly don't know where to go.
Add some invincibility frame after téléporters, they can be traped.
Add a sign to turn to the right for the last cut ; most poeple fall in the pit after taking it.

- Sky Ruins : There are multiple session where if you fall on the off road or to the side, you can't get back directly to the main road ; It force you to either stay longer in the off road, having a ton of bonk, or make you go backward. ( exemple : at the right of the ruins entrance, there are stair, if you fall in the grass you need to go backward; Just after that door, falling to the left is a trap)
It's Possible to skip a turn near then end with a sneaker red spring jump (the 2nd to last red spring panel).

That's it. If those problem are getting fixed in a incoming update then this pack is an easy 5/5 . But for now, the pack is not "beginer/first time" friendly at all.
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I love how detailed these maps are. I look forward to learning them
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Some pretty fine, nice looking maps that are solid to drive on. I had a hard time navigating them, so I'd recommend trying to integrate more signposting techniques such as leading lines, or contrasting colors to where I am supposed to look and go. At some point I may compile specific areas I was having trouble with if you'd like.
Jing Forest in particular is a very pretty map.
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Yo, these are a really cool pair of maps! They're both detail-heavy which can cause some readability issues especially in arrow-less areas, but getting used to the routing isn't too difficult from a quick run though.

By the way, I'd recommend giving Monument Castle's level header "SectionRace = True" as that setting causes the server owner to not be able to set the number of laps. Since this map is a linear map with a distinct end to it, setting any more laps than one will absolutely break it. :P
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