Fickle Hearts

Fickle Hearts

Previously made by fickle, the map pack Fickle Hearts returns, under new management. This level pack contains 6 Race Maps, 2 Race Hell Maps, 1 Battle Map, and 1 Battle Hell Map! These maps are known for sporting some technical feats not shared by many other maps, as well as being a blast in their own right! You may remember Beta 5's changes, but most of them have been reverted. Hoewever, this pack still include's Beta 5's Cutout Warehouse K! Two maps are normally hidden, but load fjoke.soc, and they will appear in level selection like any other map would!

The track list includes...

  • MAPF0 - Seaside Labyrinth Zone
  • MAPF1 - Cutout Warehouse K
  • MAPF2 - Viridian Cliffside Zone
  • MAPF3 - Clock Towers K
  • MAPF4 - Downhill Jam Zone
  • MAPFG - Gay Energy Zone
  • MAPFH - Crazy Eights Zone
  • MAPFL - Vessel Vendetta Zone
  • MAPFM - Mansion Maze Zone

-Honeybee Industry Zone removed, since it's in the main game now!
-Added a fence on one segment of Cutout Warehouse K to prevent being screwed over when knocked into the Invincibility shortcut.
-Change the numbers on the titlecards.
-fjoke.soc! Add this SOC file, and it unhides the Fickle Jokes maps!

- Maps reverted to Beta 4
- Gay Energy and Crazy Eights Zone are back to being hidden
- The first fence in Downhill Jam Zone is still gone
- Cutout Warehouse K from Beta 5 is also here
- Widened the boosters in Seaside Labyrinth Zone's waterskip shortcut

Supporters / Co-Authors:
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Latest reviews

Fickle Hearts is an exceptional pack that makes an almost excessive use of slopes, from the creator of slopes in SRB2 herself.

Fickle Hearts sports some of the earliest, and sometimes only usages of classic gimmicks in the ever-growing pool of Kart maps. Clockwork Tower K's sloped polyobject clock hand is a ridiculously overcomplicated and impressive feat, and Downhill Jam was one of the very first custom sprint maps.

If there's one flaw with FHearts, it's that *every* slope has physics, by design. Fickle literally created the implementation of slopes we use today so honestly what did you expect, but it is pretty distracting sometimes, and oftentimes you slope launch off terrain you weren't expecting to. It ranges from hilarious to rage-inducingly obnoxious depending on the map.

This is still a great pack though; I wish Fickle was still around to maintain it, but it's aged well enough that it's still an easy recommendation from me.
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