This is a small pack of racers that features my 3 Sonic OCs, Drago, Trina, and Zeal. I've wanted at least Drago to be playable in some form, and since I can't code, I figured I'd do the next best thing, and I'm pretty happy with how they came out.
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Drago the Cat (These pictures were not full effort.)
* Age: 17
* Drago is a kind-hearted adventurer. He's very optimistic, and always goes outta his way to help others when he can. He also likes to build small little contraptions, with his favorite creation being the Combi-Hook; A grappling hook created using a Combi-Ring as a base.

Trina Transparent.png

Trina the Cat
* Age: 17
* Trina is Drago's twin sister. She may be very similar to her brother physically, but personality wise, she's pretty much his polar opposite. She's aggressive, pessimistic, and lacks the same interest in building. Instead, she's more invested in combat, since to her, it's the easiest way to end conflict and get back to doing what she wants.

Zeal Transparent.png

Zeal the Tenrec
* Age: 25
* Zeal is a very fun-loving and competitive person, almost always trying to make anything a competition. From racing to beating baddies, you can bet that he'll try to make some sorta little competition out of it.
(Fun fact, Zeal's the first Sonic OC I've made in a decade. Drago and Trina have been around for 10 years now.)
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